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WWF Smackdown 10/4/2001


Mobile, Alabama
October 4, 2001

Flanked by members of the Alliance, WCW owner Shane McMahon headed to the ring as the Oct. 3 episode of SmackDown! kicked off from the Civic Center in Mobile, Ala.!

The Boy Wonder talked about Stone Cold Steve Austin’s faxed request for a rematch against Kurt Angle for the World Wrestling Federation Championship on Monday’s RAW, a request which was denied by Commissioner William Regal. Shane said the Alliance was in the ring in a show of unity and protest against Regal’s decision. Shane said that giving Stone Cold a rematch was the right thing to do.

Shane brought up that Stone Cold actually had a return clause in his contract, stating that if he were to ever lose the Federation Championship, he would automatically be granted a rematch. He said that although most of the fans in Mobile never finished high school, it didn’t take a genius to determine that Austin deserved the rematch. He called out Commissioner Regal, demanding that Austin get his rematch this Monday on RAW — saying the Alliance would not leave the ring until Regal came out!

After a few moments, the good commissioner walked out to the stage, carrying a piece of paper in his hand, which he revealed was Stone Cold’s contract. Regal admitted that Shane was correct about the return-match clause, but said that the moment Stone Cold left the Federation for the Alliance back in July, Austin negated his entire contract — so he was denying Shane’s request! Regal then ripped up the contract!

Regal told Shane that Austin had no rematch, no contract, no clauses — nothing. And as far as the protest went, he said he would either get security to escort the Alliance out of the arena, or he would have the Federation Superstars do it themselves!

A worried Shane calmed things down, and said he had a proposition for Regal and for Angle. He suggested that on SmackDown!, Angle should take on a member of the Alliance in a non-title match. Shane said that if the Alliance member won, then Austin would get a title rematch on RAW. If Angle were to win, then Shane would give Kurt a title-for-title match against WCW Champion The Rock this Monday on RAW, in a history-making title unification bout!

Regal admitted that the proposition was intriguing, but said the decision was up to Angle. Shane pointed out that Angle had nothing to lose and everything to gain, since the title was not on the line on SmackDown!

Angle’s music then filled the arena, and he walked out to the stage with a big smile on his face! The Federation Champion told Shane how much fun he had kicking his butt on Monday night. He then told Shane to call Stone Cold, and to tell him that he’s still a horse’s ass! As far as the proposition, Kurt said he accepted, seeming intrigued at the idea of being both Federation Champion and WCW Champion! He said it was true, it was bloody damn true, as he paid tribute to Commissioner Regal!

In a six-man tag stemming from Monday’s RAW, Edge and the APA took on Christian, X-Pac and Albert. Edge was able to get his hands on Christian, but Albert saved the Intercontinental Champion. Moments later, Bradshaw planted Albert with a big boot to the face, and Edge hit the Buzzkiller on the big man to score the pinfall.

Back in the Alliance locker room, Shane McMahon said he had a dilemma — he wanted to know which of them wanted to step forward to face Kurt Angle. Everyone volunteered, so Shane said that in the spirit of democracy, they would take a vote. He told everyone to put a name on a piece of paper, and whoever got the most votes would challenge Angle later in the show.

Footage was shown from earlier in the evening, as The Hurricane arrived at the arena on his Hurri-cycle, with Molly Holly in tow. As they talked, Coach approached Molly and asked why she left Spike. She said life with Spike was going nowhere, since he didn’t have superpowers, couldn’t fly, and didn’t even have a cape! Added Hurricane, “What’s up with that?” She said that she was now committed to helping Hurricane fight for truth and justice, and that she would now be known as Mighty Molly.

In tag action, the Big Show and Spike Dudley took on Mike Awesome and Hurricane, who were accompanied by Mighty Molly. Ultimately, Big Show chokeslammed Awesome, and Spike delivered a big splash off Show’s shoulders to pin Awesome for the win.

The voting finished up in the Alliance locker room, and Shane counted the ballots, as Booker T told his boss that he would do him proud, obviously assuming that he would win the tally.

Backstage, Maven warmed up for his first-ever World Wrestling Federation match, later in the night against Tazz, his former trainer.

In the Alliance locker room, the votes were tallied, and Shane announced who would be facing Kurt Angle. In a landslide victory, the winner was Rob Van Dam! The Alliance members chanted “RVD” as Booker looked around, obviously disappointed with the results.That match was up next, as Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle went one-on-one. Neither Angle’s Federation Championship nor RVD’s Hardcore Title were on the line, but if RVD were to win, then Stone Cold would get a shot at Angle on RAW, and if Angle were to win, he would get a title-for-title match against WCW Champion The Rock on RAW. RVD’s vicious kicks soon busted open Angle’s mouth, as the Olympian tasted his own blood. Angle went for the Angle slam, but RVD countered with a thunderous heelkick to Angle’s head. RVD then went for the Five-Star Frog Splash, but Angle moved, and then followed up with the Angle slam. But as referee Earl Hebner was about to count to three, WCW referee Nick Patrick pulled him out of the ring, and the two started battling! In the ring, Angle snared RVD in the ankle lock, and RVD was tapping, but there was no ref! Shane snuck into the ring and nailed Kurt in the head with a steel chair, and moments later, RVD pinned Angle, meaning that Austin gets a shot at the Federation Championship this Monday on RAW! After the bout, Angle chased Shane away as the members of the Alliance ran to the ring to congratulate RVD, hoisting him on their shoulders to celebrate their victory.

WWF Tough Enough Champion Maven made his World Wrestling Federation debut next, taking on one of his former trainers, Tazz. Tazz seemed to enjoy smacking around his young protege, but Maven tried to battle back with a couple of high-flying dropkicks. Tazz soon regained control, however, and choked out his former student with the Tazzmission to pick up the victory. After the bout, it looked like Tazz would help Maven, but after raising his arm in the air, he clotheslined his student back to the mat!

Coach interviewed Kurt Angle, as blood continued to pour out of the champion’s mouth. Angle said he was a little pissed off, but wasn’t worried about Austin. He said he couldn’t wait until Monday, to take the Alliance’s leader and beat him so badly that the next time Austin took a vacation, he would never come back.

In the locker room, Torrie Wilson tried on a few bikinis for Tajiri, in preparation for her bikini contest against Stacy Keibler on SmackDown!

Next up, Booker T took on Kane. The Big Red Machine was thrown to the outside, where Test brutally attacked him. Moments later, Booker hit the scissor kick and scored the pin. As the duo double-teamed Kane after the match, the Undertaker ran down to save his little brother.

In the commissioner’s office, Regal seemed to be deep in thought.

Diamond Dallas Page asked fans if they had done their yoga today, and asked fans if they felt good about themselves. He said he felt good, because he was helping people. He encouraged people to look to the positive side of life.

Lilian Garcia interviewed the Dudley Boyz and Nick Patrick about their six-man on SmackDown! Bubba said that nothing felt as good as when he superbombed Kurt Angle through a table on RAW — nothing except the impending return of Stone Cold this Monday on RAW. D-Von promised that they would take care of business on SmackDown! Patrick said that Mike Chioda would pay for making the biggest mistake of his life, in putting down WCW’s head official.

Commissioner Regal informed Federation fans that he would indeed have to sanction a match between Angle and Austin on RAW for the Federation Title. He also informed the Alliance members that they were all barred from ringside, since he wanted truly to find out who the better man was.

Next, Coach introduced Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler for the bikini contest. The two each revealed their sizzling bikinis, in a scene you had to see to believe! The fans voted on Torrie as the winner — a decision which didn’t sit well with Stacy! Stacy attacked Torrie and choked her out with a robe, and when Coach tried to separate them, Stacy slapped him! The fight continued until Tajiri came down to save Torrie.

The main event on SmackDown! was a unique six-man bout, as The Rock and Chris Jericho teamed up with referee Mike Chioda against the Dudley Boyz and referee Nick Patrick. Rock, Jericho and the Dudleys handled most of the in-ring action, but Patrick and Chioda did get physically involved at points, such as when Chioda chased Patrick into the ring, and Y2J locked Patrick in the Walls of Jericho! The Rock and Jericho had soon knocked down both Dudleys, and Rocky pulled Patrick into the ring! Patrick tried to escape, but Earl Hebner snuck up from behind and tossed him back into the ring, where Rock tagged in Chioda, who speared Patrick and hammered away at him!

Chioda stripped Patrick of his referee’s shirt, but moments later, Bubba Ray snuck in the ring and separated the two. But after Rock took care of Bubba with a spinebuster, the People’s Champion gave Patrick a thunderous Rock Bottom. Jericho followed up with a Lionsault, and Chioda — out of instinct — went to make the count. But Rock stopped him and told Chioda to hit the People’s Elbow on Patrick! Three seconds later, Chioda had pinned Patrick, giving Team WWF the win!

Referee Charles Robinson came out to check on Patrick, which turned out to be a big mistake. The Rock planted Robinson with a Rock Bottom, and Chioda planted Robinson with yet another People’s Elbow!Another WCW referee then ran to the ring and got right in The Rock’s face. This time, it was Jericho who took care of business, planting the ref with successive powerbombs. Chioda was about to hit another People’s Elbow, but Earl Hebner ran to the ring and said he wanted to do it! The Federation officials celebrated with The Rock and Chris Jericho as the show went off the air!

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