Would You Go To This Show? Volume Nineteen

On February 7th, 1992 the World Wrestling Federation held a live event in Denver, Colorado. It’s notable for being the show where there was a tag team championship change and was the beginning of a major angle for WrestleMania VIII. On the same day, the WWF also held a show in Newfoundland. So, this is a special installment as we’ll figure out which show we’d rather go to!

Repo Man

Match #1: Virgil vs. Repo Man
Growing up, I was actually a big Virgil fan. Largely, because he was an underdog. Then, you’ve got Repo Man who was kind of funny with his character and skits that I remember seeing on Coliseum Video releases. I don’t think either one of them were necessarily great wrestlers, but I may have been inclined to see Virgil wrestle Repo just from a character perspective. That sounds a little weird, but it’s true. Trust me, I know the action wouldn’t be good.

Match #2: The Natural Disasters vs. Big Bossman & Tito Santana
Kind of a random pairing of Bossman and Santana here, I’d say. I liked the Disasters a heel duo and I think Santana would have worked well as the face in peril. I’ve always liked Earthquake and Bossman was enjoyable at the time too. So, I guess this match isn’t all that offensive to me, either.

Match #3: The Warlord vs. Chris Walker
This looks like a squash match to me. Warlord has a good look to him but he isn’t someone I’d be all that interested in watching.

Match #4: Shawn Michaels vs. Jimmy Snuka
Michaels was just starting off his heel run in the WWF and Jimmy Snuka was largely used in a part-time manner. Snuka is someone who had their prime nearly a decade before I was even born. So, it looks like after two matches I wouldn’t hate seeing, I come across two rather uninteresting matches.

Match #5: The Mountie vs. Jim Brunzell (replacing Kerry Von Erich)
Two squash matches on one card? The show hasn’t been very strong by any means and they still were able to draw 4,500 people to this event.

Match #6: Money Inc. vs. WWF Tag Team Champions Legion of Doom
Originally, it was supposed to be the Natural Disasters challenging the LOD, but Jimmy Hart screwed them over for Money Inc. and they’d win the tag titles here. I’ve always liked DiBiase and IRS. Plus, LOD were presented in a larger than life manner. I would be heavily interested in this match as they were the top teams in the company.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Ric Flair vs. WWF Intercontinental Champion Roddy Piper
This is a huge match. They promoted their issues well on TV and I’m surprised they didn’t wrestle on pay per view during this era in WWF. I may have not been a big Piper fan all that much, but their issues on TV have always gotten my interest. This era Flair is one of my favorite versions of Flair, especially his feud with Savage for Mania VIII. The match would be a major draw for me.

The undercard for this show isn’t very strong whatsoever, but the tag title match and the main event between Flair and Piper would probably be enough for me to attend this live event, most likely purchasing a cheap ticket. I don’t think I’ve come across a show I’d spend big money on, yet. They didn’t even use a lot of their big name that were involved with the company, which is kind of surprising.

Newfoundland show had the following lineup.

Match #1: Tatanka vs. Skinner
Tatanka was another favorite of mine during this era of WWF. I actually think this would have been a decent match since Skinner was a capable wrestler and probably would have delivered something good with Tatanka. A much stronger opener than the Colorado show.

Match #2: Jim Duggan vs. Rick Martel
I’m just glad that Martel wasn’t having to job to Tatanka on this show, really. Duggan doesn’t annoy me as much as others, so I could probably sit through this match just with Martel doing his heel work.

The Berzerker

Match #3: Bret Hart vs. The Berzerker
Could the Hitman possibly carry the Berzerker to a good match? I’m having doubts on that one. Seeing Bret live would be a great thing and is better than anything on the undercard for the Colorado show.

Match #4: Jake Roberts vs. Randy Savage
This had to have been the main event. The feud they had going on at the time was easily the most interesting thing and had electric heat even if Roberts never got a victory. I’ve always liked both wrestlers and I’d easily see this live. I’d be really pumped for this, too.

Match #5: Kato vs. Jim Powers
Considering these guys are both jobbers, this feels like an extended bathroom break.

Match #6: Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart vs. The Beverly Brothers
I think this is a match that could actually be surprising. The Beverly’s weren’t an awful team and the team of Owen and Neidhart was decent, too. If they got some time to develop a match it could produce something fun and entertaining. It could be a good way to get the crowd back into the show before the main event, as well.

Main Event: Sid Justice vs. The Undertaker
The major draw here is that they have never wrestled before against each other and they are two larger than life guys. It wouldn’t be a good match, but the visual of these guys battling it out would be appealing. I’m kind of surprised that this the main event of the show, honestly.

Both shows seem like halfway decent shows, but I’ve got to give the edge to the Newfoundland show as it has a stronger lineup and more people or matches that would hold my interest. Man, there were just a lot of major stars in this year for WWF.

Would you go to either one of these shows? Which show has a stronger lineup? Leave your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading.

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