WWF Superstars 10/18/1986

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Syracuse, NY

1.) Hercules defeated SD Jones
2.) Dino Bravo defeated Tony Parks
3.) Killer Bees defeated Bob Bradley & Tiger Chung Lee
4.) Butch Reed defeated Rick Hunter
5.) Ricky Steamboat defeated Iron Mike Sharpe

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Mike Rotundo shared some comments during Hercules squash match. Apparently, Dan Spivey is suffering from a knee injury but will be back soon. He promises that the US Express will win tag gold soon.

2.) WWF Update hosted by Mean Gene focuses on Bob Orton Jr. and Don Muraco. They recently hung out at home re-watching their attack on Roddy Piper with Adrian Adonis. They are sure that Piper will never be the same when he returns. Gene suggests they better sleep with one eye opened.

3.) Johnny Valiant and his new protege Dino Bravo share some comments. Bravo is excited to be with the “World Federation” and to keep the contracts coming as he’ll take people out. This is Dino’s first appearance in nine months and first time with Jimmy Valiant as his manager. Bravo won his squash match following a back suplex.

4.) Brutus Beefcake shares some pre-tape comments saying that he takes care of himself and his body. We see footage of Greg Valentine getting a body massage from a beautiful woman. I didn’t really understand the point here.

5.) Butch Reed and Slick had some comments earlier in the day. Reed said that he is here and wants everyone to be ready for him.

6.) Footage of Roddy Piper returning to the Piper’s Pit is shown with a new set. Piper says that he is back and he’s going to start with Jimmy Hart first. Hart says that Piper promised him he wouldn’t hit him. Hart has some presents for Piper which included a crutch and a Hawaiian lay. This is because they know Piper’s career is over with. Bob Orton Jr. sent along a cowboy hat and a rope so that Piper could go hang himself. Piper wants Hart to shut his eyes and Hart does so after being threaten. Piper has a present and he hog ties Hart to the chair. Piper thinks it is time to wash Hart’s mouth out. Piper forces Jimmy to spit into Orton’s hat and then puts the hat onto Jimmy’s head.

7.) Hillbilly Jim is singing a song for a family member. He’s at home with his grandmother. He’s doing various things at home.

Final Thoughts:
The Piper feud with Adonis/Muraco/Orton has been getting the most TV time and it seems like they are managing to keep it interesting each week. I thought it was a decent episode this week.

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