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WWF Smackdown 12/20/2001


-Earlier- Booker is in Vince’s office when Ric comes in and sits down. Ric
says he’s waiting for Vince. About what? The Booker Man’s contract. Ric
doesn’t like it, but here it is.. Booker is like Jordan to Basketball or
Gretsky to hockey, according to Vince. Booker looks at the contract and
says “Bling Bling!”. Booker signs the contract immediately. Ric says he
doesn’t deserve it. Can he dig it? Ric looks at the contract and smiles

-We’re here in the New Orleans Arena in, you guessed it, New Orleans,
Louisiana, with Michael Cole and the King. Tonight, we’re going to see Rock
vs. Test.

Kurt Angle vs. Edge- Intercontinental Title
-Angle comes out first, followed by Edge. They stare down for a while, then
Angle spears Edge into the corner and holds him there. Ref breaks it up,
then Edge spears Angle into the corner. Dropkick and clothesline to Angle.
Angle is whipped across, but he ducks to the outside. Angle pulls out Edge
and slams him into the steps. Angle tosses Edge back in and beats on him.
Back elbow by Angle, 1-2-kickout. Choke on the ropes, followed by punches
and stomps in the corner by Angle. Crossbody and punches by Edge. 2
clotheslines and a Reverse X-Factor by Edge, 1-2-kickout. Edge goes for the
Edgecution, but Angle counters, goes for the German, but Edge counters and
hits a belly to belly on Angle. Edge goes for the spear, but Angle tosses
the ref in the way, but Edge stops in time. Low blow by Angle, and the ref
calls for the bell.
Here is your winner via DQ and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Edge

-After the match, Angle gets pissed at the ref and kicks the ropes a couple
of times. Angle goes after Edge, who hits a spinning heel kick and a
facebuster. Angle locks in the Anglelock, and, five referees later, finally
lets go.

-Booker is excited, waiting for Vince. Booker gives Vince a hug for all the
“greenback”. Vince is confused. He has no idea what Booker is talking
about. Booker tells him Flair signed Book. Flair comes out and tells
Booker that he belongs solely to the WWF. And, tonight, he’ll be facing
Stone Cold Steve Austin in a First Blood Match.

Commercial break.

-Rock is in da house.or, rather, the arena. Finally, he has come back to
‘Nawlins. Rock is going one on one with Test, tonight. Test has been
running around, beating up announcers, referees, and women since he won
immunity. He may not be able to get fired, but he sure can get his ass
whooped. Test should be happy that he has immunity, but he’s not. He’s
always frowning. Rock knows why. He’s mad at someone: Santa Claus. Rock
remembers Test’s letter to Santa. All he wanted was his two front teeth.
(I know that’s what I asked for this year) Rock, like Santa, has a list,
and he’s checking it twice. So he thought about three things on his list: A
rematch against Jericho and winning the Undisputed Title, getting some “Big
Easy” pie (it figures that’s the kind of pie Rocky likes), and whooping
Test’s ass tonight! Everyone’s in the holiday spirit, so Rock is going to
sing for Test. He’s going to sing the 12 Days of Christmas, only with his
little twist. “On the night Test faces the Great One, this is what he’ll
see”.Rock sings 12 Days of Christmas, only with new lyrics involving the
physical thrashing which he will impose upon Test tonight. If you smell
what the Rock is cookin’ (His promos always make me hungry)

Commercial break.

-We see clips from Monday where Rock takes out Test and Angle. Rikishi
gives Test a Stinkface.

Test vs. Lance Storm
-Rikishi comes down first, and Storm follows. Storm starts off, taking it
to Rikishi. Rikishi tosses him away and hits three clotheslines. A
shoulderblock knocks Storm outside. Storm goes into the steps, then back in
the ring. Back elbow and a legdrop to Storm, 1-2-kickout. Storm goes for a
sunset flip, and Rikishi just misses sitting down on Storm. Storm hits a
dropkick to the face of Rikishi. Flying clothesline by Storm for a 2 count.
Missile dropkick by Storm of another 2 count. Rikishi battles out of a
sleeper and hits a Samoan Drop. Rikishi backs it up and sees a Stinkface
opportunity. Test comes down and distracts Rikishi. Superkick by Storm,
who uses the ropes to get the 1-2-3!
-Here is your winner: Lance Storm

-Booker comes in to talk to Kane about First Blood Matches with Austin.
Booker wants Kane to “hook a brotha up” with some advice. Kane’s advice:
“Don’t bleed”.

Commercial break.

-We see the Triple H/Beautiful Day video package, and we’re told that Triple
H will return January 7th!

-We see a video package of Undertaker since he turned heel.

Commercial break.

Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy- Hardcore Title
-Keep rollin’, as Undertaker comes out. Despite that they just showed a
“He’s EVIL, boo him!” video package, the crowd still cheers for Taker. Matt
Hardy sneaks up behind Taker and takes it to him with a Kendo stick. Taker
goes in the ring and takes it to Matt. Matt hits a few shots with the
stick, but Taker takes the Kendo stick away (how rude!). Clothesline and
leg drop by Matt. Taker counters the Twist of Fate and hits a clothesline.
Matt dives off the apron, but Taker catches him and slams him back first
into the steel post. Taker takes it to Matt outside, tossing him into the
barricade and the table. Taker slides Matt across the table (western movie
bar fight style) and hits a few chairshots. Matt goes into the steps and
the barricade again. More chairshots to Matt. Taker tells Matt he will
respect him. Kick and elbow to the face on Matt as he lays on the apron.
Back in the ring, Taker hits some headbutts. Last Ride for the 1-2-3.
Here is your winner and STILL Hardcore Champion: The Undertaker

-After the match, Taker tosses the Hardcore title over the top rope and
rides to the top of the ramp. He then stops and goes back to the ring. He
tosses Matt outside and grabs a chair. He chokes Matt with the chair and
then drives the chair into Matt’s throat. Taker gets his title and walks

Commercial break.

-During the break, Matt is carried off. Taker comes to see Matt, who is on
a stretcher. He asks Matt if the bitch was worth it.

-The Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho, comes out with his titles. He gets
on the mic. He doesn’t appreciate the fans’ response to him lately. He
used to be their hero, their favorite. They used to cheer him loudly, now
they boo him. Why is that? It’s basic human nature. Man hates those who
are better than him. And he is much better than them, and better than the
rest. He is the first and only Undisputed Champion. He is better educated,
has a better standard of living, and is obviously better looking than
them.especially that guy. (You know.THAT guy) He is an all-around better
champ and athlete than everyone who has preceded him. He’s better than the
Rock, Steve Austin, and Ric Flair. Speaking of Flair, we see clips from
Monday when Flair figure four locks Vince while RVD figure four locks
Jericho. Jericho thanks Vince for not allowing Flair to screw him out of
his title. As far as Rob Van Dam goes.well, as far as he goes, he’s coming
out now. Jericho tells RVD he had his chance, but he blew it. He proved
that he’s not worthy or good enough to beat Jericho. Jericho is sure Rob is
cool with that. RVD charges the ring and sweeps Jericho and takes it to
him. Five Star Frog Splash! There’s the thumbs, and RVD walks off.

Commercial break.

-We see clips from last Thursday when Edge hit Regal with an Edgecution on
the steel chair.

-Regal sends a message to Edge from his home. Regal feels like someone is
smashing his nose with a hammer all the time since his surgury. He’s going
to cause Edge incredible pain and suffering when he comes back. He’s going
to turn Edge into a bloody vegetable and become Intercontinental Champion.
Edge made a gamble and it paid off. But when you gamble with the Devil, the
Devil always wins.

Test vs. Rock
Test comes down, and the Rock soon follows. Test misses the clothesline and
Rock takes it to him. Running knee to the gut of Rock. Punches and a choke
in the corner by Test. Clotheslines by Test. Cover and quick kickout.
Suplex by Test. Another cover, another quick kickout. Sidewalk slam by
Test. Bearhug by Test. (I think it’s love) Rock battles out and battles
back against Test. Flying forearm by Rock, followed by a belly-to-belly,
1-2-kickout. Rock tosses Test outside. Rock goes into the steps. Test
grabs a chair and the ref argues with him as Lance Storm comes down and hits
a Superkick. Test comes into the ring and covers for a 2 count. Test flips
out and pushes the ref, who pushes back. Rock takes it to Test. Rock
reverses the Pump Handle Slam and hits a Spinebuster. Rock pulls in Storm
the hard way. Test accidentally hits Storm with a Big Boot. Rock Bottom to
Test for the 1-2-3!
Here is your winner: The Rock

Commercial break.

-We see clips from Monday night when Booker T smashes up Austin’s truck and
hides in a church. (Yes, a church)

-Rick watches the TV when Jericho comes in. Jericho thinks Flair is jealous
and is trying to screw Jericho. Flair isn’t screwing with Jericho, but he
will now. Jericho will face Big Show for the Undisputed title, next! (Has
Big Show totally been reduced to the guy Ric Flair sics on whomever is
irritating him?)

Commercial break.

-We see clips from Monday when Tajiri accidentally hits Torrie Wilson and
gets pinned.

Chris Jericho vs. Big Show- Undisputed Title
-Jericho comes out first, followed by Big Shoe. Jericho mocks Show after he
misses a clothesline. Jericho runs outside and then back in. Jericho hits
Show on the apron, but Show tosses him away. Scoop slam and backbreaker by
Show. Big chops by Show. Jericho ducks out again. Bench Press toss into
the barricade. Jericho goes into the steps. Show tosses Jericho over the
top rope into the ring. Thumb to the eye by Jericho. Clothesline by Big
Show. Missile dropkick by Jericho, 1-2-kickout. Running knee to the face
and kicks by Jericho. Show tosses him away and hits two clotheslines. Big
Show tosses Jericho up in the air, and he falls face first onto the ground.
Jericho goes up top and goes for a cross body, but Big Show catches him and
hits the Final Cut, 1-2-foot on the ropes. Headbutts by Show, who goes for
a chokeslam, but Jericho takes out his knee. Show goes for the chokeslam
again, but Jericho tosses a ref in the way. Show tosses away the ref.
Jericho hits a low blow and hits Show with the title belt for the 1-2-3!
Here is your winner and STILL Undisputed Champion: Chris Jericho

Commercial break.

Booker T vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin- First Blood Match
-Booker comes out first and grabs a chair. Austin comes out and throws a
chair at Booker. Book tries to hit Austin with the chair from in the ring,
but Austin grabs his foot and pulls him out. Austin takes it to Booker
outside and sends him into the table and the steel post. Austin tosses
Booker inside. Booker takes it to Austin. Lou Thesz Press and a double axe
handle by Austin. Austin starts taking the padding off a turnbuckle and
suplexes Booker. Choke by Austin. Running knee and sleeper by Book.
Austin armdrags and clotheslines Booker. Austin rips the padding off the
turnbuckle. Heel kick to Austin and a sleeper. Austin battles out.
Crossbody by Booker. Austin sends Booker outside. Booker goes into the
steps, then back in the ring. Austin gets an extension cord and chokes
Booker. Booker grabs the chair and hits Austin. Heel kick by the Booker
Man. Sleeper by Austin. Booker counters and locks in a sleeper hold of his
own. Austin tries to ram Booker into the corner, but the Booker tosses
Austin face first into the exposed turnbuckle. Austin flapjacks Booker into
the turnbuckle. Austin goes for a Stunner, but Booker tosses him into the
ref. Austin hits a spinebuster. Austin grabs a chair, but the Big Boss Man
(in a suit no less) comes down and hits the chair with his chair into the
face of Austin! Austin is bleeding! Scissors kick and Spinneroonie by the
Booker Man! Booker misses the chairshot and Austin stomps a mudhole in him.
Stunner. Austin grabs a chair, but Hebner wakes up and sees the blood.
Hebner calls for the bell!
Here is your winner: Booker T

-After the match, Vince comes on the Titantron and laughs hysterically.
End of Show.

Match of the Night: Test vs. Rock. Test looked like a credible opponent
until the end. He’s finally getting some recognition, as is Lance Storm.

Man of the Night: It’s just gotta be the Booker Man. The Book gets a huge
contract deal and beats Stone Cold Steve Austin. Can you dig it, Sucka?

Quotation of the Night: “Ease up, big homey!” -Booker T to Kane


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