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WWF Smackdown 12/27/2001


The SmackDown video rolls, the pyros explode, and we are underway LIVE from Orlando, Florida! Tonight we’ll see Angle & Storm face Rock & RVD, as well as Stone Cold take on Booker T and Bossman in a handicap match!

Dudley Boyz vs. Spike & Tazz [Non-Title Match]
-The D-Bombs drop, and out come the Dudleys and Stacy. Their old music hits, and out comes Little Spike Dudley, followed by Tazz. The Dudleys knock Spike out of the ring right away, and D-Von hits Tazz with a diving elbow. Tag to BuhBuh, who elbows away on Tazz. Clubs to the back by BuhBuh, but Tazz hits a judo throw and tags in Spike. Spike gets the 10 Punch, and follows it with a hurricanrana. Stacy gets on the apron and shakes her stuff for Spike, who comes over and plants a kiss on her ass! D-Von chokes him on the ropes and BuhBuh hits a neckbreaker 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to D-Von. D-Von cranks the neck of Spike, but Spike elbows up and out of the hold, only to run into a powerlsam 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to BuhBuh. Clubs by BuhBuh, but Spike comes back with elbows. He goes for a Sunset Flip, but BuhBuh blocks and goes for a sitdown slam, but Spike moves. Monkey flip by BuhBuh, who then smashes Spike into the turnbuckle. Had whip by BuhBuh, who then knocks Tazz off the apron. Clubs by BuhBuh. He goes second rope for a splash, but Spike rolls way. Tag to D-Von and Tazz. Clothesline by Tazz, then another. Northern Lights Suplex to D-Von, then a T-Bone to BuhBuh. Head-and-arm suplex to D-Von. Tazz tosses BuhBuh off the turnbuckle and clotheslines D-Von down. Tag to Spike, who jumps onto D-Von 1-2-shoulder up! BuhBuh runs for Spike, but he ducks and nails D-Von! Spike kicks BuhBuh and goes for the Acid Drop, but BuhBuh blocks it. Tazz rushes over and locks in the Tazmission, while Spike hits the Acid Drop on D-Von! 1-2-3!

In the back, Vince tells a ref to get Ric Flair a message: he hopes Flair’s not upset with the announcement he’s about to make.

Vince/Flair Interview
-“No Chances” hits, and out comes the Co-Owner of the WWF, Vince McMahon. A lot of people have been upset with Vince over this past year, with some of his antics and decisions. But this is the holiday season, and as such, he’s filled with the holiday spirit. Many people are contemplating the new year, especially their New Year’s Resolutions. Here are some of Vince’s. For the duration of this promo, the fans shout “What?” to the extent that Vince gets so pissed, he begins to leave. Then he comes back in to finish the promo. Vince resolves to be a little more tolerant of others’ mistakes, to understand the financially challenged and intellectually stunted, to be even more powerful… …dun…dun…dun…Dun Dun! The Nature Boy walks down the ramp and into the ring. He tells Vince straight-up, “Shut up!”. On behalf of the entire wrestling world, Flair hopes Vince resolves to not come out here week after week and make an ass out of himself. Vince says that Flair better watch himself, or else Vince will lay him out in front of all these people. Flair says there is a reason why Flair hasn’t already knocked Vince out: the reason he’s so tolerant of Vince is because Vince knows “his story”. In 1988, he had all sorts of problems with the NWA, and then Vince called him and said that he wanted him in the WWF. Flair said that he was NWA all the way, and turned down Vince’s offer. A year later, Flair called Vince back, with nowhere to go, no self-confidence, and only wanting one more chance to come back. Vince said that if Flair had it, he should bring it, and he did. That November, he found himself at Survivor Series with Hogan, Jake The Snake, Ted DiBiase, and all the stars. He wrestled for an entire hour, at the end of which, he became the WWF Champion. He walked to the back, and with tears in his eyes, he thanked Vince for the opportunity. And when he thought it couldn’t get any better, Vince put him in the Main Event of WrestleMania against Randy Savage. It was unbelievable. He stayed until everyone was gone, saw his wife and family off, and came to Vince. He thought Vince would say “You’re the greatest of all time Ric. That was awesome!”. But no. Vince told him, “Every time you get this close to greatness, you do something stupid and take a step backwards.” For all that Vince has given him, he brought Ric down to earth in 91. He has one question: WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME HOW TO WRESTLE?!? Vince may be the greatest promoter of all time, but he can never, NEVER, talk down to Ric Flair about wrestling. He is so sick of Vince putting himself up there like a god. How does Ric feel having his own kid watch tv and tell him how buff Vince is? So just to see where he stood in this company, he went through all the contracts and found Vince’s, which read “Owner/Wrestler”. Vince is double dipping in the salaries. But it also means that he will wrestle at the Rumble, one-on-one, against the Greatest of All Time: Ric Flair. WHOO! He knocks Vince on his ass and struts all around Vince’s fallen body. WHOO!

Christian vs. Rikishi
-Christian attacks from behind, but Rikishi throws a couple knockdown punches. Backbody drop by Rikishi, followed with a side belly-belly. Uppercuts by Rikishi. Christian goes for the Sunset Flip, but Rikishi blocks and goes for the sitdown, but Christian moves. Reverse backbreaker by Christian 1-2-kickout. Punches by Christian, but Rikishi clotheslines him down. Punches by Rikishi, who looks for the Rikishi driver, but Christian floats out, only to get a Samoan Drop. Rikishi Backs That Ass Up on Christian, who falls into prime StinkFace range. However, Test makes his way down the ramp. Rikishi goes out and attacks him, battling up the ramp. The ref counts Rikishi out and rings the bell. As Christian celebrates, Rikishi tosses Test into the stairs and then gets in the ring. He Superkicks Christian and gives him the StinkFace, but Test runs in and gives him the Big Boot. Christian lays his belt on the mat and Unprettiers Rikishi onto it.

In the back, Angle and Storm meet up. Angle says that he’s psyched to have him as a partner. Storm says he wants to annihilate Rock and RVD. Angle says that RVD isn’t near as charismatic as Storm. Storm says Angle is way cooler than the Rock. Fade Out.

In the back, Christian tries to wash the taste of the StinkFace out, only to be laughed at by Funaki. “You have a stinky face.” Christian says that he just beat Rikishi, something Funaki could never do. He’s not only the Champion of Europe, he’s a Giant Killer.

Earlier today, Jericho was lounging by the pool. He hopes we all had a very Merry Christmas. Even though Vince gave him the day off, he wouldn’t dream of depriving the people of their Thursday dose of Jericho. He knows everyone had to stand in long lines to return crappy gifts. He didn’t. He got everything he could have wanted: The Undisputed Championship. He’s heard people say that calling himself a Living Legend degrades people like Ric Flair. Flair has never won the Undisputed Championship, never defeated Austin and Rock on the same night, never successfully defended his Titles against Rock, Austin, Show, and RVD within a three week period. Jericho is the only person to be a Tag Champ, Hardcore Champ, Euro Champ, IC Champ, and World Champ. That means he’s better than anyone, ever. And just like him, it’ll keep on getting better and better. Fade Out.

Rock & RVD vs. Kurt Angle & Lance Storm
-Storm and Rock start off, but Rock goes to hit Angle. Angle drops off the apron out of his reach, and Storm pounds on Rock in the back. Kick to the chest by Storm, but Rock comes back with a Samoan Drop 1-2-shoulde rup. Arm wrench by Rock, but Storm reverses. Rock reverses and holds Storm’s hand out for Angle to tag, but he won’t. Tag to RVD. RVD flips over Storm and hits a springboard crossbody 1-2-kickout. Tag to Angle. Punches by Angle, then into chops. Back elbow by Angle, but RVD catches him with a spinning heel kick 1-2-kickout. RVD kicks Angle and tags in Rock. Angle whips Rock, as Storm lowers the ropes, causing Rock to fly to the outside. Angle comes out and drops Rock on the announce table. Storm tosses Rock back inside, where Angle stomps away on him. Chops by Angle. Rock misses the short clothesline and hits the turnbuckle, allowing Angle to lock in the AngleLock, only for RVD to kick him out of the hold. Tag to Storm. Storm pins 1-2-kickout 1-2-kickout. Knees by Storm, but Rock fires back with right hands. Angle chokes Rock on the ropes, allowing Storm to get in a clothesline. Punches by Angle, then a belly-belly, and then another. Kurt whips Rock, but Rock comes back with his own overhead belly-belly. Tag to RVD. RVD with a spinning heel kick, then an step-over spinkick. RVD knocks Storm off the apron and hits a backflip splash 1-2-kickout. Reverse thrust kick by RVD, who goes up top and hits the Five Star Frog Splash 1-2-broken with a Flying Headbutt by Storm! Tag to Rock and Storm. Punches by Rock, followed with a DDT. He pulls Angle in and beats him senseless in the corner and over the top rope. Spinebuster to Storm. He tosses the pad and hits the People’s Elbow 1-2-3!

Trish vs. Molly Holly

-Trish starts with a side headlock, but Molly flips over, pinning Trish in the process 1-2-kickout. Trish keeps the hold, and again Molly flips 1-2-kickout. Molly with a hammerlock, but Trish pulls herself up and gives Molly a headscissor takedown. Elbows to the gut by Trish, followed with a back bodydrop 1-2-kickout. Chops by Molly, but Trish kicks her in the face and hits the Sunset Flip 1-2-kickout. Molly comes back with a backbreaker and a couple elbow drops to the back. Snap suplex by Molly 1-2-shoulder up. Trish flips over a Suplex and goes for the Stratusfaction, but Molly blocks, so Trish goes under her legs and rolls her up 1-2-3! As Trish celebrates, Jazz runs in and lays out Trish! She stomps away, causing Molly to push her back. DDT to Molly, and a DDT to Trish! Jazz picks up the belt and motions that it will be hers soon.

In the back, Taker says that he can take care of Flair if Vince wants. Vince instead says that he can take care of Flair. He just wanted to tell Taker how much respect he has for Taker lately. What Taker did to the Hardys and Lita took a man, a big man, a bad man. And what he’ll do to Tajiri tonight will certainly make him respect Taker more. Vince makes mention of Torrie, but Taker just laughs. Fade Out.

Tajiri vs. Undertaker
-Tajiri comes down with his gal Torrie Wilson. “Rollin” hits, and Taker rides out on his bike. Taker attacks Tajiri and smashes him into the turnbuckle. Elbows in the corner by Taker, but Tajiri comes back with a big boot. Multiple kicks by Tajiri, but Taker just tosses him back in the corner and elbows him down. Tajiri kicks Taker in the head and hits a missile dropkick 1-2-kickout. Tajiri leapfrogs Taker and goes for the Tarantula, but Taker fights out and kicks Tajiri to the floor. Outside, Taker smashes Tajiri into the steps. He grabs a plastic trashcan and nails Tajiri with it, then smashes him into a chair. He pulls up the announce table stuff, and then rams a chair into Tajiri’s gut. He calls for the Last Ride, looking for it through the announce table, but Tajiri hits him with the Green Mist! Tajiri nails Taker in the head with a trashcan, then again. Taker hits Tajiri with a knee, but Tajiri baseball slides him into the table. He leaps from the apron, but Taker catches him and rams him into the ringpost. He punches Tajiri on the barrier before rolling him back in the ring. Inside, Taker rams Tajiri into the turnbuckle and locks him into the Tree of Woe. Taker grabs his shirt and starts choking the prone Tajiri with it. As Tajiri falls lifeless to the mat, Taker runs Torrie off. Knee to Tajiri before locking in a choke. Chokeslam by Taker 1-2-Taker pulls Tajiri up for more punishment. He shows Tajiri’s lifeless face to Torrie before locking in a dragon sleeper. Tajiri tapps out and the ref rings the bell, but Taker won’t let go of the hold. Big Show marches down the ramp and into the ring, causing Taker to leave the ring. Fade Out.

We come back, and Show is still in the ring, screaming for Taker to come back out. Show always sees Taker picking on those smaller than him. Well why doesn’t he come out and try to pick on Show. Taker appears, stern look on his face, marching towards Show. He gets to the bottom of the ramp, pauses, and gets on his motorcycle, riding it to the back. Show says that if Taker wants to put his tail between his legs and ride away, then Show has a New Year’s Resolution: He’s going to respectfully kick Taker’s ass!

In the back, Stacy is lacing up her boots when Chuck and Billy show up. They say they could really use some of that…hairspray! Stacy says that it’s her hairspray. They say that she just thinks she’s better because she’s in the Diva’s Calendar. If they had a calendar, it’d sell millions. They pose, causing Stacy to walk off disgusted.

In the back, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley comes into Flair’s office. She came to discuss a little business. She has a proposition, one he can’t refuse: Ric should hire her back. No one knows Vince better than Steph. She can really help her out against Vince. Ric believes her, but with all he has going on with Vince, he’s not hiring anyone, especially a McMahon. Steph says that Ric may be a great wrestler, but he’s not a very good businessman if he thinks he stands any chance against Vince. Her husband is coming back January 7, and if Ric doesn’t hire her, there will be hell to pay. Fade Out.

Edge vs. Kane
-Edge ducks a Kane clothesline and punches away, but his own clothesline doesn’t phase Kane. Kane flips Edge over the ropes, but Edge slides between his legs and clotheslines him over the top. Edge leaps at Kane, but he clotheslines Edge out of the air. Uppercut by Kane, followed with punches in the corner. Choke by Kane, followed with a bearhug. Edge battles out, but Kane boots him to the mat. Kane goes up top, but Edge goes up with him. He looks for a Superplex, but Kane pushes Edge off, making him straddle the ropes. Kane leaps off with a flying clothesline to the prone Edge. Kane looks for the chokeslam, but Edge grabs the ropes and locks his legs around them. He pulls Kane down from behind, but Kane sits right up. He looks for the Buzzkiller, but Kane blocks. In doing so, Kane’s mask begins to come off! Kane goes crazy trying to put his mask back on, allowing Edge to Spear him down 1-2-3!

In the back, Bossman and Booker talk about the beating they’re going to lay on Austin very soon. Fade Out.

Booker T & Big Bossman vs. Steve Austin
-Booker and Bossman attack Austin as he enters the ring, with Bossman holding Austin while Booker kicks away. Booker kicks away on Austin, but Austin fights back. Austin tosses Booker over the top. He goes for a Lou Thesz on Bossman, but he grabs him and flapjacks Austin onto the ropes. Spinebuster by Bossman. Tag to Booker. Chops by Booker, but Austin clotheslines him down. Austin chokes Booker on the ropes, but Booker catches him with a spinning heel kick. Tag to Bossman. Both men club away on Austin. Bossman knees Taker to the face and pins 1-2-shoulder up. Blatant choke by Bossman. Austin starts fighting back, but Bossman locks in a sleeper. Austin elbows out of the hold, but Bossman catches him with a back elbow. Bossman with an uppercut to Austin’s face 1-2-shoulder up. Bossman wrenches Austin’s upperbody back before tagging in Booker. Stomps by Booker. Austin comes back with a spinebuster, only for Bossman to choke him with his boot. Booker with a kick and a flying forearm. Reverse chin lock by Booker. Tag to Bossman. Bossman stomps away, and then chokes Austin on the ropes, driving his knees into Austin’s back as well. Hard whip by Bossman. Tag to Booker. Hard whip by Booker, then another. Booker slaps Austin, which serves as a wake-up call for Austin, who explodes with punches, only for Booker to knee him down and tag in Bossman. Big boot by Austin. The two men exchange uppercuts, with Bossman’s sending Austin to the mat. Bossman with a clothesline. He picks up Austin and goes to uppercut, but Austin ducks, kicks Bossman and gives him the Stunner! Both men fall to the ground, and Tim White begins his count. By six, Bossman tags in Booker, who runs in to get clotheslined by Austin! Elbow by Austin and a Stunner 1-2-broken by Bossman! Austin lowblows Bossman and knocks him out of the ring, but turns around into a Booker T Superkick 1-2-3! End Show.


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