WWF Smackdown 12/30/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Kane and Tori come in as Steph and HHH snuggle. HHH butters them up and wants Kane to take on the Rock tonight. No Holds Barred and then mentions how the Rock looks at Tori. Kane is all for it.

Match 1: Test v. Big Bossman (c)

Prince Albert is Bossman’s partner. Handicapped match. HHH and Steph are all giggly. Bossman has been rightfully pushed back down. Test is game but is mowed down and beaten.


Moolah and Mae interrupt HHH and Steph. They are friends of Mankind and Steph calls them an embarrassment and therefore they will face they Hollys.

Al wants and gets Mankind’s spot.

Match 2: Rikishi v. Kurt Angle

Blackman is cuffed to the post. Steph is not happy. But he uncuffs himself and Blackman knocks out Rikishi and Angle wins.

DUD. Angle advancement.

Wrestling please…..

Stephanie confronts Tori and tells her woman to woman that the Rock likes to violate women. What makes this worse: Tori is dressed in essentially a bra and panties. Jesus.

Match 3: Jeff Hardy v. Al Snow

So far so good. This has has a lot of action inside and outside of the ring. Al catches him as Jeff slingshots into him and spikes him with a spinebuster. Al slams him and slowly goes upstairs and springs into a moonsault, misses him. Jeff’s whip is reversed and he slams into the corner and is pummeled. Jeff fights back but his knee is “injured” as he springs into Al and misses. Now Al has a chair and wallops the knee with it and hooks the knee into it and goes up top and the ref tries to extricate Jeff from the chair. Matt runs down and hits Al with another chair and Jeff gets the win.

**1/2 Good start, disappointing ending.

Match 4: Hollys v. Mae and Moolah

Mae actually did a Bronco Buster! Other than that, horrific. Hollys win.

NR. I cannot rate this.

Cole is waiting for Rock and Tori comes up whining. Rock comes out and demands to know why Cole is lurking and then Tori screams and runs and Rock wonders what she is freaking out about. He asks what Cole did to her!

Match 5: Kane v. Rock

They brawl. Kane knocks him to the floor and then beats him up the ramp and runs his head into the set. Rock tries to fight back but is nutted….No Holds Barred. But Rock tosses him off the stage and then hammers him. But he is chokeslammed and now brought back towards the ring; Rock reverses a whip into the steps and grabs a chair. Tori tries to take it and gets dragged into the ring and she falls. Rock turns and decks Kane and Tori just stands there and Kane is whipped into her and Rock has a chair and nails him in the skull and plants him on the chair with a Rock Bottom and wins!

**1/2 Not too bad. Finally a little a bit of wrestling!

JR is with Foley. He is doing fine and has been saving his money. He discusses the Rock being the future and talks about his great moments, such as Cactus Jack and winning the title. He is not happy how he went out and will get revenge.

Pac is giggly. HHH does not find Foley funny and he is upset, so he demands Pac beat Show’s ass. He has no sympathy for anyone and Pac will be fired if he loses.

Chyna comes out and tells us that she has been helping Jericho not because she respects him but because she has been biding her time. She wants a piece of him tonight to find out who the real champ is. Here comes Jericho and he calls her a liar. She supposedly has a crush on him.

Match 6: Chyna v. Chris Jericho (c) for WWF IC Title

Back and forth. Chyna has nutted him but she is bulldogged and nailed with a Lionsault but Jericho hits her with his boot. He gets two. The ref is bumped, both go down and two refs count and award each combatants the match. There is confusing and so Chyna and Jericho start brawling.

*1/2 Typical cluster.

Match 7: Dudleys v. Acolytes

This match breaks down after a minute. Posse comes in and helps the Dudleys annihilate the Acolytes.


Outlaws are upset about HHH’s antics.

Hayes is outside Rock’s door now.

Match 8: Jackie and Viscera v. Gangrel and Luna

Viscera beats up Luna and pins her.

DUD. Terrible

Luna is carted off.

Hayes finally catches up to the Rock and asks about Foley getting fired. Rock was leaving and stops and heads back to Hayes. Rock is not happy and does not like what happened to Foley and thought it was BS and then threatens to beat up Hayes.

Match 9: X Pac v. Big Show (c)


HHH and Steph come out last. Pac is game but is tossed and then powerslammed. Now a press slam but HHH stops him with Pac over his head. Now it is a handicap match and here comes Road Dogg who runs right into a boot to the head. Road Dogg is dismantled and now Mr. Ass is added and they are triple squashed in the corner. Show goes for a chokeslam but is nutted and Pac heel kicks him and now all three stomp a hole in him. HHH stops them again and adds himself and runs down and all four are executing Show. Match is over….You either get your ass kicked or your ass fired!

*1/2 Angle Advancement.

** Not as bad as RAW but it was not too bad. There were a couple of decent matches but the angles in general do nothing for me. HHH is okay, but Steph cannot act and we get it, you are assholes. They do need to build them up strong until the Rock or Austin can start tearing them down. WWF needs strong heels so I should not complain too much. It just needs better storytelling and better wrestling.

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