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WWF Heat 1/10/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
Date: 1/10/1999
From: San Antonio, TX

1.) Christian defeated Al Snow
2.) Owen Hart fought Steve Blackman to a no contest in a Lions Den match
3.) Kurrgan & Golga defeated The Headbangers
4.) Triple H fought Big Bossman to a no contest in a Lions Den match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon make their way down to the ring alongside Gerald Briscoe and Pat Patterson. Vince says that actions speak louder than words. Vince is going to take action against WWF World Champion Mankind. Vince promises they will be brutal. Shane McMahon introduces some footage where Kane took out Briscoe and Patterson with chokeslams. Shane tells them they better not let that ever happen to him. Vince focuses on Shawn Michaels. Vince says that Michaels isn’t able to be there tonight. Vince had to do what he had to do. Michaels superkicked McMahon and that’s why Vince got revenge. Vince warned Michaels to not show up on RAW. Vince notes that HHH put his hands on Shane McMahon and could have hurt his son’s face. Vince guarantees that HHH will pay hard time tonight. Vince promises that he had nothing to do with Shawn’s attack. Vince puts it on overzealous Corporation members. Apparently a doctor will attempt to put Michaels together again on Tuesday. Vince would apologize to Michaels if he were there tonight. Shane spots Jose Lothario in the third row and they ask Lothario to enter the ring. Jose naturally gets to his feet and enters the ring. Vince wonders if Jose would accept this apology on behalf of Michaels. Lothario thought that Vince was the greatest promoter and has now changed his mind. Jose declines the apology. Jose tells Vince that he sucks and shoves Vince. That leads to Vince kicking Jose and Jose is attacked by all four men.

2.) Backstage, Michael Cole interviewes Al Snow and Blue Meanie. Meanie is glad there is medicine to help Snow, who has been different since the bloodbath. Meanie says they will get some revenge tonight for that.

3.) Snow pummels Christian with right hands on the mat for the early advantage. Snow stomps away on Christian as they go to the floor. Snow rams Christian into the railing before returning to the ring. Christian yanks Snow down to the mat by his hair and a front slam for a near fall. Snow delivers several headbutts in the corner to keep control of the match. Christian dropkicks Snow to the floor and hits a springboard crossbody to the floor. Goldust makes his way down to ringside and grabs Head. Snow slams Christian as Meanie gets drilled by Goldust with Head. Christian hits a reverse DDT for the win. After the match, Snow no-sells the move and runs backstage looking for Head. (*1/4. It was okay for what it was.)

4.) Michael Cole talked to WWF Women’s Champion Sable, who says her life has changed drastically since winning the championship. Sable says she’s honored to be the women’s champion and hopes to be champion for a long time. Cole brings up Luna Vachon and their issues. Sable thinks that she will be defending the title against Luna because she’s a fighting champion. Sable accepts a match for Royal Rumble.

5.) Dan Severn is the special referee for the Lions Den match. Blackman goes right after Owen with several strikes. Blackman knocks Owen down to the mat and suplexs Owen into the cage. Owen fights out of a submission hold and knee drops Blackman on the groin. Owen tries to get a submission with a leg lock, but Blackman doesn’t give in. Owen takes Blackman over with a snap suplex. Owen continues with a backbreaker and a few chops. Blackman avoids a kick and locks in an Indian death lock, but Owen breaks free. Owen low blows Blackman. Owen tries for a piledriver, but Blackman takes Owen to the mat. Blackman scoop slams Owen followed by a headbutt. Blackman sends Owen into the cage. Owen sends Blackman into the cage. Owen nails Blackman with a heel kick. Owen pummels Blackman with right hands on the mat. Blackman dropkicks Owen into the cage followed by a kick. Owen tosses Blackman with a belly to belly suplex. Blackman sends Owen into the cage followed by a dropkick. Blackman sends Owen into the cage, but Owen drop toe holds Blackman face first into the cage. Owen locks in the dragon sleeper, and Blackman tries to get out but is slammed to the mat. Owen puts the Sharpshooter on Blackman! Blackman counters with one of his own. Severn drops down and clotheslines Blackman from behind! Severn takes off his neck brace and puts the dragon sleeper on Blackman! Several officials enter the ring to pull Severn off. (**. They played the stipulation well and I enjoyed what they did here. Severn heel turn was a nice touch, too.)

6.) Backstage, Blackman tosses chairs in a locker room and he wants Dan Severn.

7.) Mosh works over Golga in the corner and avoids a splash. Mosh hammers away on Golga, but Golga rams Mosh back first into the corner a few times. Golga scoop slams Mosh and comes off the ropes to hit an elbow drop. Golga misses a leg drop as George Steele is biting Thrasher’s leg on the apron. Kurrgan beats on Mosh with a right hand but misses a big boot. Mosh dropkicks Kurrgan on the knee a few times. Mosh jumps onto Kurrgan’s back over the middle rope. Kurrgan chokeslams Mosh and tags in Golga. Golga hits a sit down splash and wins the match. (1/2*. There’s no denying that the Oddities are over with the crowd. This was basically just an extended squash match.)

8.) Backstage, Steve Blackman runs to Dan Severn and Owen Hart in the parking lot. Severn fights Blackman off and drives away with Owen.

9.) A lengthy video package promoting Mick Foley’s rise to the WWF World Championship is shown.

10.) Backstage, Vince McMahon is seen talking to Big Bossman to make sure Triple H serves hard time tonight. The camera was hiding behind a wall.

11.) Triple H runs into the Lions Den and tries to go after Bossman. HHH hits a leaping forearm and chokes Bossman with his t-shirt. HHH sends Bossman into the cage a few times. HHH sends Bossman into the cage again as Shane McMahon runs towards the den. HHH hits a DDT. Shane climbs the light tower and tosses Bossman’s nightstick to him. Bossman pummels HHH with the nightstick. Shane enters the den and slaps HHH. Shane hits HHH with the stick a few times. Bossman hits HHH again with the stick and chokes HHH. Kane stops DX from getting in the ring. Road Dogg has Shane McMahon and gets decked by Bossman. Briscoe and Patterson get Shane to safety. The show comes to an end with everyone brawling by the den area. (NR. Simply angle advancement. I was hopeful for the heels just standing tall to give them plenty of momentum, but it was a fine segment.)

Final Thoughts:
I thought it was a fine overall episode as the opening segment was pretty good and there was some decent action sprinkled in.

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