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WWF Superstars 10/21/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Valparaiso, IN

1.) Dean Douglas defeated Hakushi
2.) Fatu defeated Gary Richards
3.) Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Joe Dorgan

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Hakushi tries to deliver a kick sending Douglas backwards to avoid it. They trade hammerlocks until Douglas takes Hakushi down to the mat and controls with a side headlock. Hakushi counters with a head scissors on the mat. Sunny, Skip and Rad Radford watch the match on the aisle way. Hakushi throat thrusts Douglas followed by right hands and a few overhand chops to the chest for a two count. Hakushi slams Douglas and hits a middle rope splash for a near fall. Radford is trying to prove his worth to Skip. Douglas hits a flying forearm and delivers a shoulder breaker. Douglas twists Hakushi’s neck to maintain control of the contest. Douglas comes off the ropes with an elbow drop for a near fall. Douglas blocks a backdrop and connects with a vertical suplex for a two count. Douglas slams Hakushi before heading to the top rope missing a diving headutt. Hakushi spin kicks Douglas in the midsection. Hakushi hits a handspring elbow in the corner followed by a forearm smash. Hakushi drags Douglas towards the corner and tries for a top rope splash, but Douglas got his knees up. Douglas delivers a couple of running kicks to the ribs. Douglas hits a fisherman suplex for the clean win. (**. I’d say that’s a much needed clean win for Dean Douglas and a bad look for Hakushi to lose cleanly. If you’re elevating Douglas it’s exactly what needed to happen. The action was decent throughout and I liked how Douglas was showing more intensity with his offense.)

2.) Hunter Hearst Helmsley provided a pre-tape promo during Fatu’s match. Helmsley is grossed out having to put his hands on a street person like Fatu at the PPV.

3.) Backstage, Hunter Hearst Helmsley was seen spraying his cologne at Fatu while referees held them apart.

4.) Vince McMahon interviewed WWF World Champion Diesel regarding his IYH match against the British Bulldog. Diesel says that Bulldog is going to pay for biting the hand that fed him. McMahon mentions that Diesel lost to Waylon Mercy by count-out. Can Diesel keep his cool against Bulldog? Diesel isn’t sure if he wants to keep his cool at the PPV. Diesel tells Bulldog that this is his one and only chance at the WWF World Championship. Diesel is bringing Bulldog to obedience school at IYH.

5.) Goldust provided a pre-tape promo quoting the movie JAWS. Goldust makes his debut at IYH. Goldust says we’ll never forget Goldust.

Final Thoughts:
Glad to see HHH/Fatu got some promotion for the PPV as they didn’t get much attention on RAW. Dean Douglas winning cleanly gives him good steam heading into a title match on PPV.

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