WWF Heat 2/17/2002

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Milwaukee, WI

1.) WWF European Champion Diamond Dallas Page defeated Big Bossman to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Lilian Garcia interviewed WWF Intercontinental Champion William Regal regarding his match with Edge on the PPV. Regal thinks the brass knuckles on a pole match is barbaric and can’t believe Ric Flair would sign off on the match. Regal is denying he’s ever used brass knuckles. Regal says that his people in England have thought of ways to torture people for many years. Regal is confident he’ll walkout as the champion because of his punch.

2.) Lilian Garcia interviewed Rob Van Dam regarding his match against Goldust. RVD doesn’t blame Goldust for being obsessed with him. RVD has no problem with how Goldust dresses and he can relate to that. RVD has a problem with being jumped from behind. He’s not going to take Goldust lightly. RVD says that Goldust will be a loser just like everyone else that’s tried to mess with him.

3.) Backstage, Test is getting ready for the night when Booker T walks into the scene. Booker asks if Test is ready. Test asks Booker if he’s ready and wonders why Booker lost to Spike Dudley on Smackdown. Test says that’s embarrassing. Booker admits he overlooked Spike on Smackdown. Booker is going to be a three time tag champion tonight.

4.) DDP cuts a promo on why Bossman isn’t smiling and it’s because the fans chant that he sucks. DDP tells Bossman that’s not a bad thing, but rather that’s a good thing.

5.) DDP ducks a clothesline, but Bossman gets control with a knee strike and right hands against the ropes. DDP hammers away on Bossman hitting a clothesline. DDP clotheslines Bossman over the top to the floor. DDP continues with a baseball slide on the floor. DDP continues with right hands in the corner until a low blow stops him. Bossman drops DDP over the top turnbuckle. Bossman sends DDP into the corner and is met with an elbow. Bossman powerslams DDP for a two count. Bossman slides under the ropes to uppercut DDP. DDP fires back with right hands, but Bossman locks in a bearhug. Bossman keeps a bearhug on DDP, but DDP breaks free. Bossman big boots DDP coming off the ropes. DDP stops Bossman with a jawbreaker and more right hands. DDP decks Bossman with a clothesline. Bossman plants DDP with a spinebuster for a near fall. Bossman argues with the referee on the count. Bossman shoves the referee down and the referee calls for the bell. Bossman chokes DDP with wrist tape. The referee tries to get Bossman off and doesn’t have great success. DDP ducks a title strike and punches Bossman to the floor. Bossman attacks DDP with a nightstick shot sending DDP over the railing into the crowd. (*1/2. I’m really confused by the decision to protect Bossman and allowing him to avoid taking the pin here. It’s also weird to see a guy like DDP struggling to stay relevant after a memorable WCW run as a main event act. DDP had a few moments of shine to remind you how good he was, but this was mostly just average action.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a good hype show for No Way Out taking place at the end of the program. The PPV has a strong triple main event and they touched on the right undercard feud to add interest to the whole card.

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