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TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Predictions!

Total Non-Stop Action returns to pay per view this Sunday (10/14) with their biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory! Here his the card along with my predictions for the event.

Grudge Match: If Joey Ryan wins, he gets a contract with Impact Wrestling
Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow

Finally Joey Ryan will be joining TNA as an active wrestler. It’s not a secret that the man has been on the pay role for a long time now. Hell, Hulk Hogan even noted that Ryan was part of TNA. So, Ryan should be able to make his splash officially with TNA here.

For the Knockouts Championship:
[champion] Miss Tessmacher vs. Tara

Well, I’m just going to flip a coin for these two because I just don’t care about them. Here we go… it looks like Tessmacher will retain the championship.

For the X-Division Championship:
[champion] Zema Ion vs. Rob Van Dam

It is incredible to me that Rob Van Dam has to settle for a freaking X-Division Championship match at the biggest show of the year. I don’t see RVD winning the championship and I don’t see him losing cleanly at all. I’m expecting some kind of BS finish with Ion holding onto the championship. Besides, Jesse Sorensen is the guy who will take the gold off of Ion when he gets back. We can’t forget about him.

For the Television Championship:
[champion] Samoa Joe vs. Magnus

I hope they are building up Samoa Joe and the Television Championship with some kind of importance. A good way to start that process is have Samoa Joe be dominate for a while. I enjoy Magnus and I wish he has a better 2013, but I don’t think him winning here is beneficial. Joe retains the title and continues to hold the championship for a while.

Street Fight: King Mo is the special enforcer
James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

If James Storm doesn’t win this match, then I have no idea what the point of having James Storm in the main event scene would be. He lost at Lockdown, and Bobby Roode cost him the BFG Series. One would assume this would be Storm’s chance to finally get his payback and do it on the biggest show of the year for TNA. I’m going to have faith in TNA that they will have Storm go over clean here and give Storm some enormous momentum to end the year.

For the World Tag Team Championships:
[champions] Daniels & Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

All good things must come to an end. The title reign by Daniels and Kazarian has been a bright spot for TNA and this seems like a good time to get the belts off of them. No, they aren’t going to put the belts on Angle and Styles. Those two need to stop teaming and go back to competing in singles matches. This would be a good time to put the straps on Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero. Why sign Chavo if you aren’t going to push him? Plus, this can help Hernandez get some creditability. I’m thinking this one will be a good match that some people may not be expecting a lot out of.

Aces & Eights vs. Sting & Bully Ray
When I saw this match added it made me think that Bully Ray was going to turn on Sting and reveal that he was the leader of the group all along. But, where the hell is Mr. Anderson? He could have a role in this group, and I actually hope he does. I’m figuring the Aces and Eights guys will win and remain with TNA for a while. They need to be revealed or this will be dragged on for too long. I can see Jeff Jarrett being the leader of the group as well.

For the World Heavyweight Championship
[champion] Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy

I feel like Hardy has lost a handful of title matches within the past year. I have a hard time believing that Austin Aries will beat Jeff Hardy to retain the championship here. In a perfect world that may happen, but Hardy needs to be back on top and get a push with the title. Give him the third chance he has been wanting. If he loses here, then I don’t see Hardy remaining with the company for much longer. I’m interested in the match and will hoping that Aries pulls through the gold intact, but Hardy will probably walk out with the strap.

Those are my predictions for the event. Feel free to leave your own predictions on the event below.

Thanks for reading.

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