Inside The Magazine Volume #28: Wrestling 92 Summer 1992

Bruce Prichard sits down for an interview in the Crossfire section. Nikita Koloff talks about his return to WCW. Jimmy Hart has spent some money to protect Money Inc. Sting is out for revenge on Rick Rude. Cactus Jack and Abdullah have a bizarre partnership. All this and much more in this magazine!

OPENING BELL: written by Stu Saks

Saks opens up announcing that this will the final edition of the magazine. The publishing company has reviewed the publications and it will impact PWI, Wrestling Superstars, Wrestling USA, Wrestling Classics, Sports Review Wrestling and Wrestling 92. While he is sad to see the publication end after nine years, an increase in quality for the sister publications will make it worth it in the long run. Wrestling Superstars will be released on a more frequent basis. That magazine will be published nine times a year. Sports Review Wrestling will have its name changed to Wrestle America. Wrestling USA will merge with Wrestling Classics and will be published eight times per year. The prices for their magazines remain very low and he appreciates everyones loyalty.


Jim from Cincinnati thinks the WWF World Championship should never be defended in a battle royal. The foundation of pro wrestling has always been one on one wrestling. Despite that, he was quite satisfied with Ric Flair winning the Royal Rumble and title. The victory proved that Flair is still a top level competitor. He also liked Gorilla Monsoon having to swallow his pride to acknowledge the greatness that Flair is. Hulk Hogan’s actions after being eliminated proved that he is a spoiled, petulant prima donna. Bruce from Orlando would like to see Bob Backlund return to the WWF full-time after he recently defeated Ivan Koloff very easily. Brian from Florida agrees with Eddie Ellner’s article from the Spring 92 magazine about Paul E. Dangerously. He believes that Dangerously will get a seat on the WCW Board of Directors with the success of the Dangerous Alliance.

Perry from Pennsylvania notes that in the Spring 92 magazine that the Legion Doom proved that they didn’t have a problem with the Beverly Brothers but rather Money Inc. Perry doesn’t think that LOD will regain the titles now that the Natural Disasters have the tag titles. Perhaps, LOD should wrestle in Japan or on the independents since they wouldn’t be able to succeed in WCW if they don’t do well in WWF. Fred from Nebraska thinks that the publication shouldn’t focus on 71-year old wrestlers like Buddy Rogers and should instead focus on younger wrestlers. Pete from New Mexico thinks that Johnny B. Badd has proven to be a capable wrestler and needs a manager to take him to the next level. He’d likely have to find someone outside of WCW. Howard from Connecticut thinks that El Gigante would be a great WCW World Champion but has a lot of work to do before reaching that level.

El Gigante is world champion material?

Sarah from Michigan shared her thoughts on the LPWA. She ordered the pay per view recently and she enjoyed the action and the commentary provided by Jim Cornette. She is afraid that the company is going under since they don’t have any other shows announced. Sarah urges fellow female wrestling fans to voice their support for LPWA to keep the company alive.


The WWF has been dealing with controversy due to alleged drug and sexual abuse claims provided by Barry Orton, Murray Hodgson and Tom Cole. Allegedly, Orton was asked to perform sex acts for career advancement as was Hodgson and Cole. Cole returned to the WWF after settling out of court. On March 13th, McMahon denied all the claims on Larry King Live. However, four days later on the Phil Donahue show, McMahon conceded that there could be some form of harassment in the WWF. McMahon continually notes that he has an in-depth drug testing in place to combat further steroid abuse in the WWF.

Kamala is the USWA champ again

Kamala regained the USWA Heavyweight Championship from Koko B. Ware on March 16th via count-out. Koko says that he didn’t realize he could lose the championship by count-out. Koko has filed a petition and says that Kamala only won because of Eddie Marlin. Jimmy Valiant beat Dr. Death to win the Southern Championship on the same show. Terry Gordy and Steve Williams have invaded WCW making it clear that want the Steiner Brothers. Madusa has been challenging Missy Hyatt recently.

Global wrestler Terry Garvin has changed his named to Terry Simms because he has a daughter and wants her to be proud of him. Leatherface has returned to USWA and is a good guy having teamed with Jerry Lawler taking on the Moondogs. Johnny Lawler had been banned from Universal Independent Wrestling but returned wearing a hockey mask and his name is Zack Blades.

Bobby Heenan remains a flippant as ever on commentary when he recently quipped “This is just like hockey there is going to be a face-off!” This was in reference to when Sid Justice threatened to punch Beefcake recently on WWF television.

IN THIS CORNER: written by: Bob Smith

Bob recalls talking to a longtime friend Billy C who asked him if wrestling was anything like it used to be. Bob lists how it used to be in waiting in line for overpriced food. Going to shows to see veterans and young stars. Going to see WrestleMania III and all those great shows at MSG and Boston Gardens. Now, wrestling is about scandals and crime. That all being said, wrestling use to be fun.

MANAGER’S FORUM: written by: Teddy Long

Teddy Long says he has changed his way and thus he has retired from being a manager. Interfering in matches was never really the kind of guy he was, anyway. He was regarded as a top referee and threw it away to make a quick dollar. He admits to being biased to Kevin Sullivan’s team of Mike Rotundo and Steve Williams against the Road Warriors on April 2nd, 1989. Of course, he denied it at the time. When he became a manager he had a not so successful run with Norman, but feels like he arrived with the Skyscrapers. The best moment of his career was when he lead Doom to the WCW World Tag Team Championships. The split of Doom had him wonder why he wanted to be a manager. He eventually managed Johnny B. Badd rather briefly. He’s back in wrestling and doing so in a broadcaster role. Nobody is going to influence his thoughts.

Bruce Prichard (left)


Prichard isn’t surprised when Ellner says he hasn’t kept track of his career as of late. Prichard believes his group of guys of Big Bad John, Dark Patriot and Barry Horowitz can compete against any three men in the sport. Prichard says being an announcer has allowed him great insight into the wrestlers and that is where he noticed that the Patriot has great flaws in the ring. Ellner asks if Bruce had anything to do with Dark Patriot trying to blind the Patriot when he was an announcer. Bruce says the day that Dark Patriot did that was the day he decided to manage him. Bruce also talks about how Big Bad John won a match against Eddie Gilbert and thus Gilbert had to kiss John’s feet. It was a moment that Bruce will cherish forever. Prichard says nobody likes a winner and that’s why nobody likes him and he loves it.


Speed: C+
Strength: A-
Technical Knowledge: B-
Physical Condition: C
Ring Intelligence: A
Overall Grade: B+


Gary from Missouri notes that Flair became WWF World Champion within six months of his departure from WCW. How long was it between Buddy Rogers run as champion in NWA and WWF? Rogers won the WWF championship a month after the WWF was formed. Tim from Virginia wants to know how many managers Abdullah The Butcher has had. To this point, Abdullah had 18 managers. Marion from New York wants to know if there has been two women named Precious, which is exactly the case. Jimmy Garvin was married to the second Precious. George from Kentucky wants to know what Eric Embry is talking about when he said he saved the USWA. Embry was really popular in 1989 and was feuding with Skandor Akbar and his stable. This led to Embry having a match with Chu-Hi in a steel cage where the winner would determine the company name. Embry won in easy fashion and thus the USWA was created. Charlie from Boston was curious to know which companies have the top rope action illegal. WCW is the company that is very strict about the rule. PWF and the Pacific Northwest also have strict rules. The rule is not applied to WWF and IWCCW.


Tommy Dreamer is highlighted in this section. His biggest match came on February 7th, 1992 where he lost to Tony Atlas for the IWCCW championship because Atlas used a foreign object. Dreamer would like to travel the world, including Japan, and win a world title to really make his dreams come true.


Judy Martin: She thinks that LPWA needs someone like Madusa who dominates no matter where she goes. There’s no doubt in her mind that Madusa would beat Terri Power with very little issue.

Fabulous Moolah: Moolah is confident that Madusa would win the match in less than ten minutes.

Nick Bockwinkel: He believes that since Madusa hasn’t competed in awhile that there’s no way she could seriously challenge Terri Power.

Susan Sexton: Since Terri defeated Lady X she believes that Terri would be able to beat Madusa, as well.


The Nasty Boys vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Jim Duggan: They battled in Louisville, Kentucky where Duggan and Slaughter were able to get a victory after Duggan pinned Knobbs.

Big Bossman vs. Rick Martel: This match happened at Madison Square Garden where Martel got a cheap win after spraying Bossman in the eyes to blind him for a moment.

Ricky Steamboat vs. Rick Rude: Their match at Superbrawl II is highlighted where Rick Rude was victorious thanks to interference from a ninja.

The Glamour Girls vs. Malia Hosaka & Bambi: This battle was from the recent LPWA pay per view where Glamour Girls were victorious.

Tony Atlas vs. Greg Valentine: Atlas was able to hang onto the IWCCW Heavyweight Championship when he nailed Valentine with brass knuckles to cause a disqualification.


Dave Rosenbaum met with Nikita Koloff at his gym in Concord, North Carolina. Koloff believes he has shown that he is on Sting’s side after he helped Sting fight off the Dangerous Alliance in Milwaukee. Dave brings up Superbrawl I where Koloff hit Sting with a chain, but Koloff says that was on accident as he meant to hit Lex Luger, who he was upset with. Koloff says that his feud with Sting for four months in 1991 is part of the reason he retired because he felt bad about it. Koloff has a lot of respect for Sting after wrestling him several times. Koloff doesn’t like the Dangerous Alliance for what they did at Superbrawl II to ruin Sting’s night. Koloff says he talked to Sting after the attack and they have mutual respect for each other. Koloff reveals that he was lonely when he feuded with Sting and didn’t even know what he was fighting for. Koloff knows that wrestling is in his blood and he can’t stay away from the ring for too long. This time around he isn’t going to disappoint the fans, who were very kind to him following Magnum TA’s accident.


Back in February, Jimmy Hart convinced Jack Tunney to deny his team, at the time, the Natural Disasters a title match against the Legion of Doom. Instead, the Legion of Doom defended and lost to Ted DiBiase and IRS. Little did we know, that Jimmy Hart used his money to align himself with the team and get them in the spot. This was eventually revealed and the Natural Disasters ditched Jimmy Hart. Now, Hart is throwing money to the Nasty Boys. Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags are making money taking out the top challengers to help Money Inc. keep their titles. Jimmy knew that the Natural Disasters wouldn’t beat LOD and aligned himself with a team that could and did. This is a plan that actually worked for Jimmy Hart and continues to work in the WWF.


Sting is watching the moment where he pinned Lex Luger to win the WCW World Championship and the celebration that followed. The tape ends, but it was far from over with as there was an attack and injury that followed. Rude threw a beverage into Sting’s face and that led to a brawl and Sting getting a cut under his eye. Sting is going to end Rick Rude’s career. Sting also remembers November 19th, 1991 where Rude pinned Sting for the WCW United States Championship. Rude says that his plan has been to beat Sting and have control. He’ll beat Sting for the WCW World Championship just like he did for the WCW United States Championship. Sting finishes it off saying that Rude has made mistake of his life.


Somebody has to act to give the guys mentioned title shots since they show up on a weekly basis and win matches but don’t get any title matches. Brooklyn Brawler notes that he doesn’t get any phone calls for title matches despite all the guys he has beaten. One promoter says that nobody wants to see Warlord challenge Ric Flair for the WWF World Championship despite getting a few shots at Hulk Hogan in 1991. The reason these guys aren’t getting title shots is because they aren’t moneymakers. Brawler is annoyed that he’s been here for a few years and guys like Tatanka are getting recognition as soon as they arrive in the WWF. Koko B. Ware agrees with Brawler and says that’s why he stopped competing full-time in the WWF. Koko says it can be frustrating to challenge for two championships while 50 guys are capable of winning the title. The hard part is waiting for their day to come.

Friends and enemies?


Cactus Jack arrives to a WCW show in Philadelphia where he gets into the rule breakers locker room where he feels at home. Abdullah the Butcher showed up barely managing to get through the door. Butcher attacked Jack with a bucket after Cactus asked if they were going to win tonight. After the attack, Cactus thinks they are a heck of a team. Arn Anderson doesn’t hang around them since they are a team one night and the next night they are going to fight. Cactus says that Butcher doesn’t know where he is most of the time and that’s why Butcher attacks him. They both like to carve people up and that is what makes Butcher a great partner. Cactus says the other teams don’t want a piece of them and says they aren’t going to breakup. He’ll be a crippled rich man as long as he teams with Butcher. Cactus thinks life is great even though every night is a fight for his life, even if it is from his own tag partner.


The Moondogs have been crazy since they won the USWA Tag Team Championships on November 30th. They have been interfering in a lot of matches. Apparently, that is their method of getting intimidation. Their manager Richard Lee believes they have the entire roster running scared. Tom Prichard would like to take them out by himself but that’s just not possible. The Moondogs got involved in every match at a recent taping and Paul Neighbors thinks that people should know where these guys are at. The Moondogs also got involved with Miss Texas when she was at ringside for a match involving Tom Prichard. Prichard is bothered by that. Spot tried to hit Koko B. Ware with a trash can but missed and hit Kamala instead. The Moondogs also got a victory over Koko B. Ware and Jerry Lawler in an anything goes match after Richard Lee tossed powder into Lawler’s eyes. Kamala came out with a door to run off the Moondogs. The war is just beginning.

That wraps up this edition of Inside The Magazine. Share your thoughts on the magazine or your thoughts on what was going on in the wrestling world at this point!

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