WWF RAW 4/7/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Muncie,IN

1.)WWF World Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & British Bulldog defeated the Godwinns in a non-title match
2.)Steve Austin defeated Billy Gunn
3.)The Headbangers defeated Freddie Joe Floyd & Barry Horowitz
4.)Ken Shamrock defeated Vernon White
5.)Vader defeated Frank Stiletto
6.)Steve Austin fought Mankind to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.)The show starts off with a non-title match that will see Owen Hart and Bulldog take on the Godwinns. Before the match, Owen praises Bret Hart for helping the family come together and reunite. Henry starts off the match with a press slam on Owen and follows up with a clothesline for two count. Phineas entered and kept control until Owen hit him with a kick to the side of the head. Phineas drops the champs with a clothesline and Henry gets the hot tag. Henry slams the champs to gain the advantage. Owen ends up nailing Henry with a cheap shot while the referee is distracted to win the bout. After the match, LOD make their way down to the ring but end up getting accidentally slopped by the Godwinns. As a result, they brawl until officials run out to break them up. The champs have a good laugh at LOD’s expense.

2.)Backstage, Owen and Bulldog continue to laugh at what happened just moments ago.

3.)Billy Gunn comes out with the Honky Tonk Man to compete in singles action. His opponent just so happens to be Steve Austin. Gunn manages to stop Austin with a swinging neck breaker but after missing a clothesline, Austin hits the Stunner for the win. After the match, Honky tries to talk to his new protege but Gunn isn’t interested in what he has to say and drops him with a right hand.

4.)A commanding officer from South Africa comes out to tell the fans that RAW will be going to the country. He is part of the Truth Commission and is clearly agreeing with everything Bret Hart has had to say about America as of late.

5.)Shawn Michaels comes out to be interviewed by Vince McMahon. HBK says he got beat up, which happens all the time. He isn’t going to tell the fans when he is going to come back to the ring. Shawn admits that he and Bret hate each other in real-life. He talks about Bret allowing the WWF to take advantage of his family. Shawn thinks that Bret would sell his own mother to make money. He claims that Bret lost to him kicking and screaming the whole time. Vince McMahon admits that when Shawn Michaels was the WWF World Champion after Bret had left, that Michaels made more money for the company. Michaels thinks Bret is stuck in his own fantasy world and goes on to say that he comes out every night to give the fans a show. Owen Hart and Bulldog come out again but Michaels grabs a chair to prevent anything from actually happening.
6.)The Headbangers competed in tag action to start the second hour. Thrasher was able to get the win when he got a three count following a power bomb/top rope leg drop combo.

7.)Ken Shamrock has an exhibtion with Vernon White tonight. Shamrock wins by submission with several punches that bust White open. After the bout, Vader comes out to cut off Shamrock but nothing happens.

8.)Vader had a squash match which he won following a powerbomb. ‘

9.)Backstage, WWF President Gorilla Monsoon says that Psycho Sid hasn’t arrived to the arena. Steve Austin comes over and demands that he be put into the match with Mankind and wants Bret Hart at the next pay per view on April 20th. Gorilla agrees to that and we have a new main event.

10.)Jim Ross interviews Mankind to find out why he burned the Undertaker last week. Mankind feels like the Undertaker never knew who he was. It makes him feel sick to smell his blood that has been burned. His children wake up to gunfire and people wanting him dead. He can’t protect his family because he is on the road. Mankind doesn’t want children to watch the pay per view because of what he is going to do to Undertaker. His huge surprise for the Undertaker ends up being ant other mask that Undertaker can use to cover his face.

11.)Steve Austin and Mankind compete in the main event this week. Austin drops Mankind with a suplex on the rampway to start the match. Mankind is able to gain the advantage by hitting a leg drop on Austin on the apron. Mankind whacks Austin with a chair and soon leaps off the apron to hit an elbow drop on the exposed floor. Austin shoves Mankind off the ramp and onto the guard railing chest first. Vader runs out but accidentally hits Mankind. We also see Owen, Bulldog, Hawk and Animal come out to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
Well, they did their best to put on a show with half their talent being in South Africa. So, that being said I didn’t find this to be all that good. A lot of the same wrestlers were used throughout the show and it just seemed to drag on and on. The opener and main event were fine matches but everything else was lackluster and didn’t hold my interest.

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