WWF Superstars 9/26/1992

Written by: Tom Hopkins

We start with the standard Superstars introduction, something that was absent last episode. I don’t mind because the last episode was awesome and I don’t think the same can be said for this one. We’re in Hershey Pennsylvania and Mr. Perfect and Vince McMahon are here calling the action. Mr. Perfect is wearing a Hershey Kisses hat. Perfect says that Hershey will forever be known as the place where Randy Savage kissed the world title goodbye.

British Bulldog vs. Barry Hardy
This would be Bulldog’s first match as the IC champion; at least his first Superstars match as champ. Poor Barry Hardy is not even introduces. These two also squared off on the May 3rd, 1992 episode. The rematch that the fans were clamoring for! Bulldog suplexes Hardy and then goes to the chinlock. Bulldog’s squash matches were all the same, I don’t think he even varied it at all. The running powerslam ends this at 2:28.

Mean Gene is at the Update Center and he shows a clip of a Sega wrestling game. Let’s just say that video games have come a long way since 1992. Gene recaps last week’s Ultimate Maniacs interview. I won’t recap it here because I just say it yesterday. Basically they call out Flair and Perfect and tell us Savage will become the world champion again.

Papa Shango vs. John Richner
Shango does some voodoo in the corner and Richner gets a cramp in his leg. Bret Hart calls out Papa Shango and the fact that he thinks it was the curse that cost him the title. The shoulderbreaker ends this at 1:29.

Sean Mooney’s at the event center and he introduces more promo’s. Tito Santana is here and talks about the IC Match. Tito wants a shot at that title. Shawn Michaels also shows up. He tells us he’s the hottest thing in the WWE. These two people (Tito and Shawn) would actually open up Wrestlemania 9 in a match together. Shawn wants the IC, title, too. He would end up getting it eventually.

Komet Kid vs. Barry Horowitz
Komet Kid would later become Max Moon. Komet gets a futurist arm-drag and a dropkick that barely lands. See, in the future you don’t actually need to hit your opponent with a move! Horowitz’ charge in the corner finds Kid’s boot and he follows with a bulldog from the second rope. Kid follows with a spinning heel kick, a spinning heel kick in the corner and then a somersault slam which ends this at 2:38.

Coliseum Video shows some memorable moments of Summerslam. Turns out their memorable moment came in the Kamala vs. Undertaker match.

Razor Ramon vs. Nick Tarantino
Tarantino is slapped around by Razor Ramon and Razor eventually ends this with a Razor’s Edge at about 2:30. This was a nothing match, as were the other ones so far and this is a seriously lacking episode thus far.

Sean Mooney makes his second appearance on this episode to bring us more promo’s. This time we hear from Tatanka (who wants to climb to the top of the WWE) and the Mountie (who does nothing but sing his theme song).

Big Boss Man vs. Bruce Mitchell
I’m not expecting Boss Man to save this show. Boss Man boots Mitchell down and does a gut-wrench suplex of sorts. I say of sorts because Boss Man just sort of tosses him and doesn’t go down with him. Perfect leaves the announce booth as Boss Man ends this with the Boss Man Slam at 2:54. This was actually the best match of the show so far.

Mean Gene is at the interview stand and he brings out Mr. Perfect and the NEW World Champion, Ric Flair. Flair knew his plan would work and Perfect goes on to call the Ultimate Maniacs the Ultimate Losers. Flair would be the last one of the three of them to hold the WWE title so I guess he would come out the Ultimate Winner.

Nasty Boys (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Bobby Perez & Akita Webb
The Nasty Boys yell a lot during their little pop-up promo. The jobbers take a pit-stop and end with a powerslam/top rope elbow combination at 3:06, which is more impressive than what they ended their squash match of theirs that I saw on Saturday Night two days ago.

We take one last trip to the Event Center. We hear from Undertaker (who is still hyping his Kamala feud) and Money Inc (who want their belts back). With that said we head back to McMahon and Perfect to close the show. Next week on Superstars we’ll have Crush, Undertaker, Nailz, The Natural Disasters and an interview with Razor Ramon.

The Bottom Line
This was your average episode of Superstars – about 5 squash matches, some interviews and not much in between. Last week’s was much better by comparison based on the fact that they had a really good match and some good angle developments. Don’t waste your time with this one.

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