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WWF Superstars 1/14/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Newark, DE

1.) Tatanka & Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated the New Headshrinkers in a WWF World Tag Team Title Tournament Match
2.) Jeff Jarrett defeated Mike Moraldo
3.) Duke Droese defeated Chris Canyon
4.) The 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly defeated the Heavenly Bodies in a WWF World Tag Team Title Tournament Match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. We will find out who will be wrestling at the Royal Rumble for the vacant WWF World Tag Team Championships.

2. Bigelow and Tatanka attack prior to the bell and send the Headshrinkers to the mat head first, but that has zero impact as Fatu and Sionne get up to deliver savant kicks. Fatu and Tatanka legally kick off the match legally. Tatanka chops Fatu but backs off as Fatu no sells it. Fatu head butts Tatanka until Bigelow and Sionne tag in. Sionne hits a leaping clothesline after coming off the ropes. Sionne misses a head butt from the middle rope but catches Bigelow on a cross body to hit a slam. Fatu comes out of the corner to turn Bigelow inside out with a clothesline. Tatanka gets knocked off the apron and Bigelow nails Fatu with a clothesline. Bigelow knocks Fatu off the apron after running the ropes. Sionne power slams Bigelow and goes to the top after tossing Tatanka to the floor. Sionne hits a diving head butt as Tatanka is beating up Afa on the floor! Sionne gets off the cover and Bigelow rolls Sionne up from behind for the win. After the match, Sionne big boots Bigelow over the top to the floor. Tatanka is trapped in the ring and Afa hammers away on Tatanka! Afa drops Tatanka with a Samoan Drop! Fatu and Sionne go up top but Bigelow pulls Tatanka out of the ring. (**. A fine tag match between these two teams. Would have liked a clean win for Bigelow and Tatanka, but these four guys worked well together.)

3. Vince McMahon conducted an interview with WWF World Champion Diesel. McMahon reminds us that Diesel beat Bob Backlund in eight seconds at Madison Square Garden. Diesel is asked if he is a changed man. Diesel admits that he may smile more than he use to and believes he has a lot to smile about since winning the championship. Diesel can afford to talk more since getting rid of motor mouth Shawn Michaels. Diesel suggests looking at Bret Hart and his change at Survivor Series thanks to his brother Owen costing him the WWF World Championship. Diesel remembers watching the WWF when Bret was teaming with Jim Neidhart and says that Bret is no stranger to breaking the rules. He hopes that Bret hasn’t changed but if he has, so be it. Diesel is walking in and out of the Royal Rumble as the WWF World Champion. “1995, the year of the Diesel.”

4. Pritchard and Holly kick off the match with Holly hitting an arm drag in the opening moments. Holly hits a springboard cross body from the middle rope for a two count. Kid tags in and monkey flips Pritchard to keep the advantage. Del Ray tags in after Kid is slammed, but Kid popped up. Kid dropkicks Del Ray to the floor and Kid slingshots Del Ray back into the ring from the apron and follows up with a super kick! Holly came in only to work over Jimmy’s arm. Kid returns and kicks Del Ray to the floor. Kid drops Pritchard with a spinning heel kick. Kid didn’t see the tag and is kicked by Del Ray from behind and Pritchard plants Kid with a DDT! Del Ray picks Pritchard up to hit a leg drop on Kid. Kid gets out of a corner and tags in Holly who cleans house with right hands. Holly power slams Pritchard for a near fall. Holly nearly wins after a dropkick. Kid takes care of Del Ray with kicks. Jim Cornette puts Pritchard on Holly, but Kid knocks Pritchard over and Holly gets the win with a roll up! (**. Another decent match as the Heavenly Bodies had some good offense on Kid. Holly isn’t all that impressive at this time while Kid is really carrying the team when it comes to the moves and getting beaten up.)

Final Thoughts:
A couple of decent matches to set up the tag title match at the Royal Rumble. The Diesel promo was actually pretty bad. It felt like it took forever to done with and I’m not sure what it accomplished in promoting his match with Bret at the Rumble. Anyway, an average show this week for Superstars.

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