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WWF Superstars 1/28/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Corpus Christi, TX

1.) Men on a Mission defeated Sonny Trout & Unknown
2.) Hakushi defeated Ben Jordan
3.) Doink the Clown defeated Kwang
4.) Owen Hart defeated Shawn Dakota
5.) Kama defeated Matt Hardy
6.) Lex Luger defeated Ray Hudson

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Before debuting as a valet, Sunny would do the Event Center to promote WWF house shows. Never knew that tidbit before.

2. Our feature match is with Doink and Kwang. Yikes. Doink and Dink taunt Kwang to start the match and Doink nearly wins with a roll up from behind. Dink gets involved running Kwang’s back, but there isn’t a disqualification. Kwang works over Doink with knee lifts and a short arm clothesline. Kwang drops Doink with a standing spin kick. Kwang avoids a backdrop by kicking Doink in the chest. Doink tries for a few pins but Kwang kicks out each time. Doink catches Kwang in midair and hits a power slam for the win. (*. I had literally zero interest in seeing these two square off. Kwang wasn’t a bad wrestler, as he would be repackaged in a few months. Doink doesn’t last too much longer, thankfully.) After the match, Harvey Wippleman wants a piece of Dink. Doink distracts Harvey to allow Dink to bite Kwang’s ass.

3. This is Kama’s debut in the WWF. He was previously in the WWF from late ’91 to early ’93 as Papa Shango. He is now an ultimate fighter type of gimmick. His finishing move is the STF.

Final Thoughts:
I was entertained by the Kama squash. His vignettes made him look like an intimidating fighter joining the WWF. Let’s see how they book him moving forward. The show was nothing special with no advancement of any feuds. Thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.


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