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WWF Smackdown 9/3/2001


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September 3, 2001

Backstage, Kurt Angle got himself a drink of water as the September 4 episode of SmackDown! kicked off from Toronto — a very special live broadcast on UPN!

The opening match on the show pitted the high-flying Hardy Boyz — accompanied by Lita — against Raven and Justin Credible, who were led to the ring by Terri. Lita and Terri had some words before the match, and Terri even shoved Lita to the outside of the ring! Moments later, Jeff stunned the Alliance members with the Poetry in Motion all the way to the outside of the ring! All four men soon spilled into the ring, and Justin went for the Twist of Fate on Matt Hardy! But Matt powered out, hit a Twist of Fate of his own, and Jeff then hit a Swanton Bomb for the win! After the match, Terri got into the ring and got in the face of Matt, Jeff and Lita — so Lita hit her with a Twist of Fate!

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra arrived at the arena, and he didn’t know if he’d be able to face the members of the Alliance after being humiliated on RAW. He entered the Alliance locker room, where no one looked him in the eye. Austin demanded that they all pick their heads up and look at him, but they didn’t. He asked them if what happened on RAW bothered them. Stone Cold said it shouldn’t bother any of them, because he begged and cried for them. He said if he was on his own, he would have told Angle to throw him off the bridge — but he had taken the Alliance members under his wing, and he begged and pleaded just for them. Suddenly, Chavo Guerrero came in, and Austin yelled at him for being late — and kicked his ass as the other members of the Alliance watched on! The Rattlesnake and Debra then left the locker room.

Just 24 hours after viciously attacking his brother Edge in their hometown, Christian headed to the ring, with many questions to be answered. As the Toronto crowd booed their hometown boy, Christian said that RAW was one of the greatest nights of his life. He said he hadn’t felt that good since he moved to Florida and officially became a U.S. citizen.

Christian said it seemed like he’s been living in denial lately. He said it him on RAW that all the talk is true — that Edge was bitter, jealous and resentful of him his whole life! He said it had always been Edge & Christian, E&C, Edge and his brother. He asked why Edge always got to go first. He asked what Edge had ever done, and he said what about him?

Christian proclaimed that he was special. He said he had always been there for Edge, but where was Edge when Christian had the chance to become WCW Champion on RAW? He claimed that it would have eaten Edge up alive to see him walking around with singles gold. He said that Edge made him do what he did, but it would all come back. He said Edge and the people of Toronto deserved each other, because they were all selfish.

Christian said that he didn’t need Edge for anything — not even a con-chair-to, as he proved on RAW. He said Edge had nothing he needed, but Edge did have something he wants — the Intercontinental Championship. He then challenged his brother to an IC Title match for Unforgiven, saying he would take the title the same way Edge always took the spotlight from him! He said, just like their song, “I think I know you,” but as RAW proved, Edge so didn’t know Christian!

Backstage, Stone Cold and Debra were talking when Shawn Stasiak walked in. Stasiak offered Austin a cup of coffee. The Rattlesnake took it and drank it, but it was too hot, so he threw it in Shawn’s face, and then beat up Stasiak! He told Debra to get a paramedic because he thought he burned his mouth!

In a match stemming from Monday’s RAW, Steven Richards took on the Undertaker. Prior to the match, Steven said that many wondered why he Stevenkicked the Taker on RAW, and why he challenged him to a match on SmackDown! He said many people thought he was crazy for doing so, but he had one thing to say to the Undertaker — he hates you! He said he blamed Taker for the disbanding of the Right to Censor. He said that although the people had no faith in Steven Richards, he had faith in himself. He challenged Taker to come out and get some, which Taker did. The American Badass went right for Steven, who made Taker chase him. Steven then grabbed a chair, and challenged Taker to come after him.

The Badass stalked Steven up the ramp, and punched him in the face. He then turned around, and Brian Adams of Kronic kicked Taker’s motorcycle over! As Taker went after Adams, Bryan Clarke — also of Kronik — attacked Taker from behind, and the duo double-teamed the Badass! With Steven directing traffic, the duo tossed Taker in the ring and gave him the High Times double-chokeslam!

William Regal was watching the monitor in his office when Booker T and Shane McMahon entered. The Boy Wonder said that even though Rock was under contract to the World Wrestling Federation, the WCW Title was under his jurisdiction. Shane said that at Unforgiven, The Rock will defend the WCW Championship against Booker T and Shane McMahon in a Handicap Match.

Debra checked on Stone Cold’s burned tongue backstage, and then told Austin that she thought he should go to the ring and talk to the public. Austin said he had already explained himself to the members of the Alliance, and didn’t want to talk to the people. Debra reasoned that the people in the arena were foreign, and Austin said he’d think about it.

Next up, Test battled Billy Gunn. Test hit three consecutive Russian leg sweeps, and went for the pumphandle slam, but Billy reversed it into a neckbreaker. Moments later, Billy went for the One and Only, but Test reversed. Billy then went for the fame-asser, but Test instead nailed the big boot, and pinned “The One” for the win!

Backstage, Debra told Stone Cold that he should go to the ring and explain, and Austin said she was right.

The sold-out crowd at the Air Canada Centre rose to its feet moments later, as Stone Cold’s music played. But when he got to the stage, he suddenly grew reluctant and headed backstage. But moments later, he came back out and headed to the ring, not before jawing with a number of fans.

The World Wrestling Federation Champion said that the only reason he was out there is because the people on hand were just a bunch of foreigners who didn’t matter to him. Austin said he couldn’t believe how bloodthirsty the people of Canada were on Monday night, as Kurt Angle was about to throw him off the bridge. He accused the people of not respecting him or his wife. He said he didn’t respect the Canadian race.

Austin asked the people if they wanted to see him thrown off the bridge, and they said hell yeah! He then repeated the phrase “what?” repeatedly, before telling Kurt Angle that he refused to be treated like an animal. He said as far as Angle was concerned, Unforgiven was a good name for the Pay-Per-View, because he would never forgive Angle for what he did. He went on record as saying that at Unforgiven, he would not be chained down, blindfolded, tied down or beaten for the Federation Championship.

Suddenly, out came Kurt Angle to the stage! Your Olympic hero said he didn’t care if Austin forgave him, because he would never forgive Austin for throwing his gold medals off a bridge. He said that while Austin didn’t forgive, he didn’t want Austin to ever forget — and he then played the footage from RAW, of Austin begging!

Stone Cold said he wasn’t really begging, and that he didn’t really mean it, so Kurt showed footage of Austin crying! Austin said he wasn’t crying, and Angle asked him if he was the Rattlesnake or the “Waaah”-ttlesnake! Kurt then asked one more question — what Austin was doing when he fell into the wading pool!

Angle said he had so much fun with Stone Cold on RAW, seeing sides of Austin he had never seen before. He said that at Unforgiven, Austin would see a side of Angle which would make him wish he never messed with him. He promised to show Austin how stone cold he could be at Unforgiven.

The Alliance was talking in their locker room when Stone Cold entered. He said he’d been embarrassed and humiliated for the last time by Kurt Angle. He said that seeing the footage again had made him sick. Austin said he didn’t want to wait for Unforgiven — he wanted to whip some ass on SmackDown! He challenged each of the members of the Alliance, and then said he would pick for himself. He said he would fight the next person who walked through the door.

Elsewhere, Lilian Garcia interviewed The Rock. She asked about his match against Booker T and Shane McMahon at Unforgiven. Rock mocked Lilian, saying she needed to let her feelings go. He said he knew she had feelings for him! He said she dreamed of becoming Mrs. Lilian Rock-sia! He said for Lilian to admit that she gets wet … with perspiration … standing so close to him! He said he knew how Lilian felt about pie, but asked how she felt about strudel. He asked if she wanted to try some of his strudel, and she said she would, more than anything in the world! He then asked what the hell was wrong with her — he had just been informed that he had a Handicap Match at Unforgiven, and all she could think about was desert! He asked her for a little professionalism. Rocky then turned his attention to Booker and Shane, and said he’s seen the way Booker and Shane look at each other. He said the two should have a baby together, and the first words out of mouth would be, “Can you dig it, sucka,” and the baby would then do a little jukin’ and jivin’! He said that Unforgiven would be electrifying — if ya smell what The Rock is cookin’! He also told Lilian to stop thinking about the People’s Strudel!

In the Alliance locker room, Austin and the Alliance awaited the next person to walk through the door — and it was Rob Van Dam! As the crowd chanted for RVD, Austin said that the Alliance members had something to tell him — namely, that the two would go one-on-one later in the night!

The Hurricane came to the ring, and told the citizens of Toronto that he pitied them, since although they had Vince Carter, they didn’t have a superhero. He said that earlier in the evening, he had issued a super open challenge to anyone who wanted to step up and challenge him for the European Title. Out came the Big Show! Hurricane told Citizen Show that he admired his courage and valor, and that this would hurt him a lot more than it hurt Show. Hurricane tried to use his superhero skills to take down Show in the early-going, but Show was just too powerful. Hurricane went up top for a bodypress, but Show just caught him and dropped him. But the champ landed on his feet and went for a chokeslam, but obviously couldn’t pick him up! Suddenly, Lance Storm came in and attacked Show, ending the bout in a DQ. Show paid the men back with a double chokeslam.

In eight-man tag action, the World Wrestling Federation team of The Rock, Chris Jericho and the APA took on Booker T, Rhyno and the Dudley Boyz, representing the Alliance. The Alliance tried isolating the People’s Champion, but finally Rock was able to tag in Y2J. Jericho hit the Lionsault on Booker, but Rhyno broke up the pin. Moments later, the Dudleys hit a 3-D on Faarooq, and Bradshaw hit the Clothesline from Hell on D-Von Dudley. Rock hit a Rock Bottom on Booker T, but Shane got involved and wound up in the ring. Y2J snuck up behind Shane and locked the Boy Wonder in the Walls of Jericho, until Rhyno gored Jericho. Booker then pinned Jericho to pick up the win for his team.

Inside WWF New York, Hardcore Holly greeted fans. Michael Cole asked how Holly has been doing, and Holly said he was in the best shape of his career, but he hadn’t been on TV much lately because the Alliance hadn’t challenged him. He said he had helped stop the Alliance from taking over the Federation. He said he wasn’t a begger, but he said he would accept any challenge from the Alliance. He said he would show why he is the “Big Shot.”

Stone Cold was pacing backstage when RVD entered his locker room. Austin said that tonight, Van Dam’s name was Kurt Angle. RVD said he wasn’t Kurt Angle — he was Rob Van Dam. After Van Dam left, an enraged Rattlesnake screamed at Debra that Van Dam was Kurt Angle.

The main event on SmackDown! was a battle of Alliance members, as World Wrestling Federation Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin took on Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam in a non-title bout. Austin’s rage was apparent, attacking RVD before the bell as the arena filled with chants of “RVD!” Stone Cold pounded on RVD, but Van Dam battled back. At one point, Austin shoved RVD off the top rope, all the way to the outside! The fight soon spilled into the crowd, and Van Dam almost beheaded Austin with a roundhouse kick. But the Federation Champion regained control, and mocked the Hardcore Champ.

Stone Cold nailed a top-rope superplex, but RVD kicked out of the pin. Moments later, the two men battled to the outside, where Van Dam suplexed Austin onto the ramp. Shortly thereafter, Austin crotched RVD onto the barricade. Back in the ring, Austin went for a cover, but RVD again kicked out. Austin locked on a modified sleeperhold as the crowd chanted for Van Dam. RVD battled out of the sleeper, and Austin went for the Stunner, but RVD reversed it into a dropkick. Van Dam then went for a rolling moonsault, but Stone Cold got his knees up.

The Rattlesnake then went outside the ring and grabbed a steel chair, and was about to him Van Dam, but RVD met him with a kick to the chair, right into Austin’s face! RVD then went up top, but Austin caught him. On the top rope, RVD knocked Austin down, but missed the Five-Star Frog Splash! Austin then hit the Stunner, but instead of going for the pin, he went for the ankle lock.

Suddenly, Kurt Angle’s music came on, and Austin got up to look for the Olympic hero — allowing RVD to sneak up behin him and pin him for a stunning upset! Angle laughed at Austin as the show went off the air!

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