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Rebooking The WWF: Week 8, 1993

This week, Crush challenges Lex Luger on RAW. The Steiner Brothers meet the Headshrinkers on Superstars and on the Wrestling Challenge WWF World Champion Bret Hart is interviewed regarding WrestleMania IX. Plus, much more!

WWF RAW 2/22/1993: (Manhattan, NY)
1. Lex Luger defeated Crush in 9:08 following a running forearm smash.
2. Jack Tunney/Steiner Brothers Interview: Tunney and the Steiner Brothers recently had a meeting at the WWF Headquarters regarding the Steiner Brothers quest to get a tag team title shot against Money Inc. Tunney tells the Steiner’s that starting this weekend on Superstars, they will start their quest of beating the appropriate tag teams to earn a tag team title match. Tunney mentions that the Steiner’s will have to defeat four tag teams within the next five weeks to earn a title shot. Tunney gives the Steiner’s a contract that notes the Steiner’s will have to wrestle the following tag teams: the Headshrinkers, Beverly Brothers, Natural Disasters, and the Nasty Boys. Both Steiner’s sign the agreement and Scott tells Tunney and the WWF fans that the WWF World Tag Team Championships will be theirs sooner rather than later!
3. Jim Duggan defeated Blake Beverly in 4:05 following a running clothesline
4. Rick Martel defeated Jim Powers in 2:42 with the Boston Crab.
5. Shawn Michaels/Tatanka Confrontation: Vince McMahon conducted a interview with the WWF Intercontinental Champion, who is extremely happy about finally getting Marty Jannetty off his back. Michaels gloats about telling McMahon and everyone else that he was the guy who carried Jannetty for the several years they were partners. Now, Michaels has proven that he is the real deal and that Jannetty is just another bum in the WWF. Michaels notes how someone he had known for several years couldn’t beat him. A guy who knew so much about him, just couldn’t get the job done. Michaels believes that he can not be beaten. Michaels thinks he is the greatest WWF wrestler, ever. Tatanka makes his way out and brings up the unbeatable statement Michaels said. Tatanka tells Michaels that he hasn’t been beaten since he has come to the WWF over a year ago. Tatanka proceeds to challenge Michaels to a match, which Michaels isn’t in favor of. Michaels pretends to back off from Tatanka, but once Tatanka turns his back Michaels nails Tatanka over the back with the championship! Michaels stomps away on Tatanka before grabbing the microphone and tells Tatanka that Shawn Michaels doesn’t do what he is told and that Tatanka hasn’t proven himself enough for him to get a title shot! Michaels bails to the floor and to the backstage area as Tatanka gets to his feet!
6. Big Bossman defeated Barry Hardy in 1:53 following a side walk slam.

WWF Superstars 2/27/1993

1. Steiner Brothers defeated the Headshrinkers in 10:25 when Scott pinned Fatu following the Frankensteiner.
2. Bam-Bam Bigelow Interview: Mean Gene conducted a interview with Bigelow, who has possession of the Undertaker’s urn. Gene asks why Bigelow attacked the Undertaker at Saturday Night’s Main Event last week, and asks Bigelow if he knows what he has gotten himself into. Bigelow attacked the Undertaker because he is sick of the Undertaker being declared a dominate force when he hasn’t fought Bam-Bam Bigelow. Bigelow puts himself over a legitimate badass and believes he is the one man that the Undertaker can not manhandle like the Undertaker does on a regular basis to other “chumps”, as Bigelow put it. When asked why he stole the urn, Bigelow figured that he would fight Undertaker on fair terms and get rid of the “super natural powers” that the urn provides for the Undertaker. Bigelow believes that without the urn, the Undertaker is nothing. As soon as Bigelow says that, the lights go out and when they come back on the Undertaker is standing in the ring with Paul Bearer standing at ringside. Bigelow is shocked but bails from the ring and leaves through the crowd. Bigelow is heard saying “on my terms, dead man” to close out the segment.
3. Owen Hart defeated John Paul in 1:16 following a missile dropkick.
4. Tatanka defeated Mike Bell in 1:45 following a Samoan Drop.
5. Mr. Perfect/Lex Luger Brawl: A video from Saturday Night Main event where Mr. Perfect returned to the backstage area, pissed off that he had lost. Perfect destroyed a locker room and was yelling at the camera man to get out of his face. The Narcissist Lex Luger and Bobby Heenan ended up coming into the room and decided it was a good time to provoke Perfect. Heenan yelled at Perfect saying “I knew you weren’t good enough. You are looking at real Perfection in the Narcissist.” Perfect stood up as Luger had a smirk on his face. Perfect tackled Luger and attacked Luger until Heenan and several officials pulled Perfect off of Luger.
6. Yokozuna defeated Chris Kanyon/Mark Starr in 1:38 in a handicap match when Yoko pinned Starr following a Banzai Drop.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 2/28/1993

1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Virgil in 5:26 in a non-title match following a super kick.
2. Money Inc. Interview: Mean Gene conducted a interview with the WWF World Tag Team Champions regarding the mission of the Steiner Brothers, who recently signed a “contract” where they would have to defeat all the other tag teams before getting a shot at Money Inc. DiBiase tells Gene that the odds of the Steiner Brothers winning all the necessary matches are highly unlikely. DiBiase believes that the Steiner Brothers do not have the smarts, nor the skill to get a title shot. However, shall the Steiner Brother manage to earn a title shot, Money Inc. will prevail because they are simply better than the Steiner Brothers. IRS chimes in and says that the Steiner Brothers would be a disgrace to the tag team championships since they are morons considering they went to Michigan University. IRS insults the Steiner’s by saying they were the “M” on their jackets to remind them what school they went to. DiBiase ends the interview by proclaiming that Money Inc. will remain the WWF World Tag Team Champions until they decide to retire.
3. Natural Disasters defeated Tony Williams/Carl Daniels in 1:14 when Earthquake pinned Williams following a splash.
4. Kamala defeated Joey Maggs in 1:23 following a big splash.
5. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon conducted a interview with the WWF World Champion. McMahon hypes up Hart’s upcoming bout at Wrestle Mania against the new number one contender and former WWF World Champion, Ric Flair. Hart tells McMahon that while he respects Flair as a wrestler, he doesn’t respect the way Flair went about gaining the number one contenders spot. Hart was looking forward to competing against a guy he considers a friend, now (Mr. Perfect), but now will be in the ring against a man he has had several heated battles with. McMahon asks if Hart can beat Flair, on a big stage like Wrestle Mania. Hart laughs at that kind of question telling McMahon that any match with Flair is a “big match” and made Flair submit to win the WWF World Championship in the first place. Hart reminds McMahon that all the pressure is on Ric Flair to prove to Bret Hart that he is the man. Hart says that until Flair proves that, Hart is the man, and is the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be!
6. Repo Man defeated Max Moon in 5:36 with a inside cradle using the ropes for leverage.

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