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Inside The Magazine Volume #16: WWF Magazine July ’92

Fallout from WrestleMania VIII continues in this edition of WWE Magazine. Shawn Michaels and Sensational sit down for an interview. Papa Shango’s curse on Ultimate Warrior is highlighted. Plus, the Legion of Doom and Beverly Brothers have developed a hatred for each other due to their different upbringings.

AROUND THE RING: written by: Ed Ricciuti

Ed doesn’t understand how or why Harvey Whippleman is claiming to be a doctor when he couldn’t get into any medical school or anatomy class. Ultimate Warrior has returned to the WWF but has been cursed by Papa Shango. However, Warrior claims he isn’t cursed and will prove it by beating Shango to a pulp. Congratulations to Randy Savage for winning the WWF World Championship from Ric Flair, and he hopes Randy and Elizabeth know they published their photos that Flair used all in good faith. In some exciting news, Koko B. Ware has returned to the WWF to form a team with Owen Hart known as High Energy. The Berzerker has entered into a feud with the Undertaker which recently occurred on WWF Superstars. Berzerker tried to pierce Taker with his sword, but settled for a piledriver on the cement floor.


Several fans write into the magazine saying they’d like to see articles focusing on various holds or techniques that wrestlers use. Also, they asked fans who would be the wrestler of the 90s and the overwhelming response was Bret Hart.

BRAINSTORMS: written by: Mr. Perfect

Perfect believes that Randy Savage winning the WWF World Championship at WrestleMania VIII was simply a fluke and nothing more. He feels that Savage paid off the referee and cheated throughout the match while Flair was following the rulebook throughout the match. Perfect is confident that the championship will be back in their camp. Perfect is also upset with the Ultimate Warrior for returning at WrestleMania and quickly getting himself in a feud with Papa Shango. Perfect thinks that Warrior would be better off not getting involved with Shango. He calls Big Bossman an idiot since he has an ex-convict on his tail and he’s sure the conman is extremely dangerous. Lastly, Perfect thinks that the WWF Intercontinental Championship will soon be in possession of Shawn Michaels, so Bret Hart better watch out.


Crush has recently returned to the WWF and has issued a challenge to any and all WWF superstars to meet him in the ring. Crush is determined to rise up the ranks the right way and become a WWF champion through his hard work. He use to crush toys when he was a kid, but now he’s crushing his opponents.


After a successful few months teaming with Jim Duggan, Slaughter to prepared to re-establish himself as a top singles superstar. Slaughter is determined to get rid of all the maggot and dirt balls in the WWF, most notably the Mountie. Slaughter plans on taking out Mountie and his shock stick with his fists. Slaughter is confident that he’ll make Mountie submit to the Cobra Clutch.


Michaels believes he is the wrestler of the 90s and is the most talented, sexiest man in the WWF. He’s going to take the WWF Intercontinental Championship when they meet in the ring. He wants to kick Bret’s head off his shoulders and send it back to Calgary. Michaels thinks he has every reason to be cocky and doesn’t believe that Bret Hart can stop him. He believes he is already a champion with his main squeeze Sensational Sherri and just needs the WWF Intercontinental Championship to complete the picture. Sherri chimes in and says she does things for Michaels that nobody else would be able to do. She is going to be by his side when he dethrones Bret Hart. Michaels denies that Sherri has ever interfered in his matches.


They recently wrestled on WWF Wrestling Challenge where Repo Man choked Bulldog with a towrope that caused severe damage to Bulldog’s throat. Bulldog needed to get medical attention following the attack by Repo. Bulldog has vowed to get revenge on Repo Man in the future.


Since Warrior returned at WrestleMania VIII and saved Hulk Hogan from an attack by Sid Vicious and Papa Shango, Shango has sentenced Warrior to doom for his involvement. Warrior would help Hogan again and is ready to defeat Shango at anytime at any location. Warrior may not be rusty but rather more a force to be dealt with since his return. Shango has a goal to rule the WWF and a victory over Warrior would make that likely to occur. Warrior knows that Shango is a tough competitor but that’s exactly what he wants and will defeat him. Shango promises that Warrior’s brain will turn to jelly and his body will burn with fire. When these two meet in the ring, it will be met with white hot excitement in a town near you.


Despite Savage winning the WWF World Championship at WrestleMania VIII, the embarrassment that Elizabeth suffered thanks to Ric Flair looms over them. Flair still maintains that the pictures weren’t edited and that it was him with Elizabeth. He also still considers Elizabeth to be nothing but damaged goods. Flair believes that real machos play the field and don’t settle for one woman. Savage isn’t through with Flair until he takes Flair out completely. Mr. Perfect believes that Elizabeth loved Flair and the bright lights but got dumped and went running to Savage. These issues go far beyond the ring and it’s a conflict between values that are drastically different between Savage and Flair.


Recently on WWF Superstars, the Berzerker and Mr. Fuji attacked The Undertaker and Paul Bearer. Berzerker tried to stab Taker with his sword, but Taker was able to move out of the way. Taker was clotheslined to the floor where he grabbed Mr. Fuji, who had grabbed his urn. However, the Berzerker went to the floor and proceeded to piledriver Taker onto the concrete floor. Bearer was able to get his protege to his feet and they stalked the heels backstage. Bearer is confident they will pay with their lives for what they did to them. Berzerker commented that he enjoyed issuing pain to Taker and next time he’ll get the job done with his sword.

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS: written by: Keith Elliot Greenberg

Legion of Doom are from the mean streets of Chicago. Meanwhile, the Beverly Brothers are from the cushy streets in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Bret Hart comments that the foundation of your career is solidified in the beginning of life/career and plays in a vital role in your career. Legion of Doom recall fighting on the streets to survive and would fight people before they could get to them first. Meanwhile, the Beverly Brothers were given anything they wanted on command. They were destined for greatness since their birth. Legion of Doom find the Beverly Brothers to be pampered little girls and not the men they claim to be. The Genius notes that while the LOD have muscles, they are vulnerable to men who are smarter. It’s a matter of who will win the team from the streets, or the pampered brothers. Time will tell.

HOW FAR CAN MONEY INC. RETREAT?: written by: Ed Ricciuti

Money Inc. ran from the ring at WrestleMania VIII to avoid losing the WWF Tag Team Championships to the Natural Disasters when they lost by count-out. Jimmy Hart feels that Earthquake and Typhoon were fighting dirty and the referee was on their side during the match. Ed suggests that the Disasters focus on IRS in their rematches if they want to win the tag titles. He thinks that Money Inc. could wear them out with their speed, but instead will opt for cheap wins and Ed hopes they get caught sooner rather than later.


SummerSlam will be taking place on Monday, August 31st. The show will be held at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland. Randy Savage recently went to a school in Hartford trying to make sure that kids follow the right path in life. Rick Martel sprayed some of his cologne into Tatanka’s eyes after Tatanka’s match recently. Tatanka suffered severe burns.

VIEWPOINT: written by: The Rocket Owen Hart

Owen believes that his team with Koko B. Ware will be one of the most successful in WWE history. They may not be the biggest tag team, but they are determined to win the tag belts. They are gong to be the tag team of the 90s!

What was your opinion on this magazine, if you had it, or this is the first time reading about it here? What did you think about what was going on in the WWF at this time? Leave your thoughts below!

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