Inside The Magazine Volume #14: WWF Magazine January ’93


Mr. Perfect has joined forces with Randy Savage and has a plan for his future. Headshrinkers are subject to a personality profile. Shawn Michaels wins the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Sgt. Slaughter is law and order in the WWF. Nailz and the Undertaker are headed towards a huge confrontation. Plus, much more!

AROUND THE RING: written by: Ed Ricciuti

Ed praises Bret Hart for recently winning the WWF World Championship from Ric Flair. He also talks about Jimmy Hart and his success as manager surpassing Bobby Heenan. For everyone he has made, he has eventually dropped them when they weren’t useful. Remember Honky Tonk Man? The same happened to the Natural Disasters who Jimmy used to break apart the top of the tag division only to lead Money Inc. to the tag team titles. It happened again with the Nasty Boys as they were duped out a championship match. Who knows, Money Incorporated could be next. He also notes Tatanka has maintained his undefeated streak and is headed towards greatness.


The main topic for the article this month is who the fans like as their favorite wrestler. The Undertaker, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan are noted. A fan from New Jersey likes Tatanka because he is Native American and she knows what he believes in. David from Ohio really likes Papa Shango because he feels electricity when he wrestles. It’s mostly fans praising Bret Hart or Tatanka, it felt like.

BRAINSTORMS: written by: Bobby Heenan

Heenan is none to happy with Mr. Perfect turning his back on himself and former WWF World Champion Ric Flair recently. Perfect is listening to the fans and wrestling to please the scientific community. If it wasn’t for himself and Flair, Perfect would still be the mediocre wrestler he was in 1988 when he first arrived in the WWF. Heenan believes that Razor Ramon will be the guy to eliminate Mr. Perfect for his actions. Perfect has made enemies in him and Flair for the rest of his life and he will pay with his career.


Marty Jannetty is back in the WWF!
Marty Jannetty is back in the WWF!

Marty Jannetty has returned to the WWF after months of physical therapy due to an attack by his former friend and partner WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels. Jannetty promises to destroy Michaels when they meet in the squared circle. Owen Hart shared some comment on Bret Hart winning the WWF World Championship saying that Bret has made the finally proud. Terry Taylor has returned to the company and is confident that he will reach the top of the company in no time. He promises a terrific Royal Rumble match outcome for himself.


The Headshrinkers with Afa.
The Headshrinkers with Afa.

The Headshrinkers and Afa are the subjects the personality profile this month. Fatua and Samu were leaders of a local tribe and they often rampaged and pillaged other tribal territories. They would battle for days leaving their victims loved ones heartbroken. Last July, during their travels to America, their ship almost got destroyed by a typhoon, but they survived. They arrived hungry after surviving on just raw gamefish and insects. Afa told them that WWF tag teams would be their food. Afa is confident that his team will be WWF World Tag Team Champions in a short time.


Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase and Tito Santana sat down to be interviewed regarding the Royal Rumble match, which each man has competed in. They are written in character, which is going to be hilarious. DiBiase cuts Santana off at the start saying that he is filthy rich and everyone knows you need to be in great condition to win the Rumble. Santana basically goes over the rules and tells everyone that friendships don’t matter. Flair recalls his 1992 Rumble win and didn’t mind wrestling for an hour. Savage gets fired up and says that his temper is starting to boil because of Flair. Flair believes he will win it again and has to get on a jet to scout the nightlife that Sacramento has to offer. Every man believes they are going win the match.

BATTLE OF THE TITANS: written by: Lou Gianfriddo

An eight man tag match occurred in July that saw Money Inc. team with the Beverly Brothers to take on the Natural Disasters and High Energy. The match would change destiny for each team. Money Inc. and the Beverly’s focused on Koko since they didn’t want to deal with the power that the Natural Disasters have. However, Earthquake managed to get the tag. Owen Hart got a pin on Beau to win the match for his team. Since the match, Money Inc. won the WWF World Tag Team Championships from the Natural Disasters. Meanwhile, High Energy has dominated the tag division leading into their match with the Headshrinkers at Survivor Series.


Shortly after losing the WWF Intercontinental Championship to the British Bulldog at SummerSlam, Bret Hart found himself wondering if it was time to hangup the boots. Luckily, two months later, Bret won the WWF World Championship and it helped erased his self doubt. He has overcome defeat several times and will do so when it happens again. Bret promises to be a fighting champion.



There are several similarities between Nailz and the Undertaker. They are immense men. They are the silent type. as well. They don’t feel pain so it was just a matter of time before they’d meet in the ring. Taker has sentenced Nailz to death for his actions. Nailz believes he will survive the Undertaker like he had survived his previous sentences. However, the Undertaker will not be able to survive him. Nailz isn’t afraid of Taker and says there isn’t anything worse than six months in the hole, which is worse than death. Undertaker promises that Nailz will see the face of fear. By the way, the background of the article made it rather difficult to read the font.



Jimmy Hart claims that the Nasty Boys are garbage and they smell. Plus, they are stupid. He tells a story of them going to a Chinese restaurant and they stuck chop sticks up their noses. They are just too dumb for him. The Nasty Boys trusted Jimmy Hart to get them back to the WWF World Tag Team Championships and never saw his turn coming. The Nasty Boys think of Jimmy Hart as being nothing more than spit on the floor for what he did to them. They are going to regain the WWF World Tag Team Championships and rub Jimmy Hart’s face in the gutter when they do so.

MILITARY COP: written by: Lou Giaanfriddo

Slaughter become the best in the US Armed Forces due to his worth ethic and dedication to the job. Slaughter is the law and order that WWF President Jack Tunney needs. Slaughter met with referees and wants them to disqualify anyone that gives them flak more than twice in a match. Slaughter also has input on how much someone should be fined or how long they should be suspended if it comes to that. Jack Tunney sleeps a lot more comfortably knowing he has Slaughter enforcing the law when he’s not around.



Bulldog feels like he should get a rematch because he gave Michaels an opportunity in the first place to win the championship. They basically go over the action that culminated in Michaels landing on top of Bulldog as he went for a superplex. Michaels now has it all and everyone envies him as a result. He has the title and sex appeal, which is all he needs. Numerous wrestlers have stepped up to challenge Michaels, so his title reign may be in grave jeopardy.


Bam-Bam Bigelow has returned to the WWF and promises to more dangerous than he was in the past. Randy Savage was in Germany to celebrate the release of a recent WWF Magazine. Sgt. Slaughter and Tatanka recently met at Planet Hollywood with WBF superstar Aaron Baker for lunch. Crush is put over strong in the article about his style of wrestling which is hard nose and straightforward. Make sure you check out Crush when he wrestles in a town near you.

VIEWPOINT: written by: Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect is back in the ring and is going to show how perfect he is when he teams with Randy Savage to take on Ric Flair and Razor Ramon at the Royal Rumble (yes, they incorrectly said the Rumble instead of Survivor Series). Perfect is looking forward to teaming with Savage because he is incredibly tough and a great wrestler. Perfect would really like to compete against Shawn Michaels and regain his WWF Intercontinental Championship at some point, too. Perhaps he’ll get a WWF World Championship shot against fighting champion Bret Hart at some point. Be sure to check out Perfect at your local event.

What are your thoughts on this magazine and what was going on in the WWF at this time?

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